Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I recently purchased this lip balm as I could no longer ignore the hype surrounding it! I decided that the shipping cost was worth the: "what the hell is she putting on her lips?" that I was sure to receive whenever I pulled this little baby out! I got it today and what can I say, I flipping love it! It smells delicious, I can envisage myself eating lemon meringue pie everytime I lick my lips or take the lid off! It is SO moisturising and smooth, and works great over the top of any lipstick! I had a play this morning (made a mess) and have kept it over Saint germain lipstick all day! It has stopped Saint Germain from fading hideously at it usually does. Instead this little beaut of a product has made my shocking pink lipstick (which I love) fade into a beautiful sheen. I can't do a review on this product without mentioning the packaging! If you are in UK and you like to feel unique, this prodcut will fufill your eccentric urge. It's incredibly easy to apply one stoke and your done! The packaging is easy to hold and is large enough not to dissappear into one of your bags (black holes) never to be seen or used again, as many of my lipbalms have done over the years (RIP Coconut lip butter).

So needless to say I would recommend you buy this! I'm online right now ordering the mint one! I know once an addict always an addict! No ten pan for me.

So go get yourself one of these little eggs! And get ready for the gasps everytime you pull this out of your bag!


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