Thursday, 29 July 2010


I first spotted Eyko on ASOS, which I love! I couldn't believe the price of these funky polishes. The packaging stood out to me, as it is very unique and the colour choices are bang on trend. I ordered three of them and wasn't expecting life changing, holy grail polishes at £2 a pop... However the quality of these polishes is incredible! They are sooo pigmented and creamy. I have nail extentions so of course any polish lasts longer on a tacktastic plastic surface. But these polishes outstayed Essie and OPI by a mile! my favourite colour has to be Posh Polish, because I'm posh... no because it's one of those interesting yet classic colours, that always recieves attention and compliments, from women not men! Men HATE these types of colours. To them they look like caca!

I also purchased Vampira Polish, for winter.... looking forward to winter I know bizarre. It is one of the most fascinating colours to look at. It's a deep blood/ black red with incredibly fine red glitter pieces. Perfect for Halloween I'm thinking!

Last but by no means least is..... Coral Polish. This polish does exactly what it says on  the bottle! It gives you bloody lovely coral nails! when I say coral I mean CORAL. It is one of the prettiest coral colours I have seen! perfect for summer sun! In Newcastle I must be kidding myself!

So all I can say is go get these colours from Eyeko or from my link to Eyeko, not that i'm advertising haha!

Finally.......................... OPI who........


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  2. Thanks Anni your blogs great too :)

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's fun to see you repping Eyeko. I've been an ambassador for a while but never thought to post the badge to my blog. Thanks for the unplanned reminder!


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