Friday, 9 July 2010


I went to my local MAC counter when I had some time on Monday morning. I went over to the In the groove collection stand, and was horrified to see that I had ignored the most exciting product! I immediately bought this lipstick, and two wildcards!  "I like it like that" lipstick is fast becoming my favourite liptick of all time! It does everything I want a lipstick to do and more. It whitens my teeth, brightens my complexion, and goes with every makeup look! I just adore this shade! Its a beautiful mauve pink colour, that to look at is a bit of a meh colour, but seriously guys this is a MUST! This colour will seamlessly carry you through summer into winter! It is such a sophisticated shade that gives you a wearable pop of colour. If your're like me and you own "Saint Germain" and love the colour to look at, but hate it one your lips then this is perfect for you! It gives you that, she has pink lips effect without the WTH has she done to her lips which I have come to expect whilst sporting "Saint Germain". I also picked up the most out there item from the collection, "Go for it lipstick"! this was a silly spend! It makes your lips look like you have gone mental whilst eating honey! Unless you are very dark skinned it's hard to pull off! But it's sure a collectable item sooo I don't regret it too much! I also picked up "chilling" creamsheen glass. This again was purely because it is a collectors item, it really is nothing fantastic! Just a clear gloss that looks blue in the tube.

Rounding up; pass on "chilling" it really doesnt do much at all. I wanted it to cool down any pink shade but it just doesnt work!  Pass on "Go for it" unless you are a collector of lip products like me! But definately go and get "I like it like that", I already have..... twice!


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