Thursday, 15 July 2010


What can I say other than I'm sorry Patina I have always overlooked you!

I was recently walking aimlessly through Newcastle and decided that the temptation was too much to bare and entered Fenwicks I weaved my way to the MAC counter. Don't think I didn't say LUCY you do not need another eyeshadow! you have pallettes full! Nether the less Patina almost whispered my name; "pppppsssshhhh, Lucy how ignorant you have been! Just because I look boring does not mean I am!" I swatched this beige/ pink/ brown/ gold/ who the hell knows colour on my hand and GASP surprisingly it was flipping fantastic! I have reached for it everyday since. It looks stunning on the lid with a colour such as twinks in the crease!

This has been a lesson learned! do not judge a book by it's cover..... well in this case do not judge an eyeshadow by it's colour! (or do, becasue we don't want any colour disasters, there is nothing worse than a botched eyeshadow job!)

What I'm trying to say is do not overlook these 'boring' colours, because in the case of Patina it was far from the snorefest I expected from such a blah colour. 


  1. You're funny. I like the way you describe things. :) Patina suddenly sounds a lot more appealing

  2. I'm glad you like it! I'm addicted to this colour and i'm never wrong haha!

  3. Funny... It happens to me all the time, I have way too much make-up (esp MAC because I used to work there, I have seven eyeshadow palettes) and forget what I have. I sometimes truly wish that I only had a small collection!

  4. No you don't... you would be lost without it lol! I am sooo protective over my makeup. When I just went away I strapped my vanity box in the seat!

  5. Ok, I need to stop reading your blog because... tell me, how is it possible that I have SEVEN eyeshadow palettes from MAC and another 15 or so single ones (and many many more from other brands) but I do NOT have Patina?........ Anyway talking of eyeshadows I got the new duo from NARS and it is VERY pretty!


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