Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I have been buying MAC makeup for years and have never spotted this little beauty before. I have collected MSF's for a long time and get REALLY excited when a new collection comes out. I was looking at bronzing powders and picked this up by mistake! It's really beautiful, the glitter is not too chunky and it goes brilliantly with any blush colour. This is a great thing to take on holiday as MSF's crack really easilly. It's also slightly cheaper at £17.00. So don't rule out this highlight, it really is delightful... see what I did there ;).


  1. It looks like a gorgeous color. Hahah and I saw what you did there ;)

  2. It really is go and help little delightful belightful :) she needs some love!

  3. This is a beautiful color! I only have one mineralize skinfinish in the color Soft And Gentle. It is a gorgeous shimmery champagne color that brings life to my cheekbones when I apply it there :) I definitely want more mineralize skinfinishes!


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