Thursday, 12 August 2010


As I have previously mentioned I am a huge fan of the MAC msf's, however like most of us I sometimes want to rebel against the MAC cult, and buy another brand just to compare. I decided to try this after reading lots of fabulous reviews about the quality of this product! When I went to Dior I couldn't decide between the two shimmer brick style products. I decided on the bronze shade rather than the pink. I really do like the Bobbi Brown Shimmer bricks, however I sometimes find them hard to work with as the glitter is quite chunky. This product is the opposite, it goes on so smoothly and gives you the layered glowing look that we all want to achieve.

I use this product with the MAC 130 brush or the 109 depending on my mood. This is my final step in my daily makeup application. I apply this on the top my cheek bones in a c motion towards my temple, I then apply it on the bridge of my nose and in my cupids bow to emphasise my lips. Another plus of this product is the mirror! It's really big and is great for touch ups throughout the day. This is a really great product, so go on indulge yourself this weekend! Makeup doesn't get more luxurious than Dior with the classic, chic packaging and the little pouch this beauty comes with.

Glow away......... fight the British summer!

(Image from Dior) 


  1. I have tried their eyeshadows, lipsticks/lipglosses and eyeliners and I loved everything I got but never noticed these. Might have to take a look on Saturday :)
    I love glowing skin!

  2. This is a really nice product! get Liz Earle too... spoil, spoil, spoil!

  3. thanks for the comment:) follow you!

  4. great review :)

  5. I have the shimmer bricks from Bobbi, too, and I never use them. This is YET ANOTHER product I've resisted but... you are evil! arrrghh


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