Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I don't know about you but I bloody love Lush! Every time I take a peek at their pampering delights I seem to buy one or two new bits! The trouble with Lush is that you always spend more than you anticipate! I love their bath bombs and recently tried their Twilight bomb! I also bought one for my mum and she LOVED it too! Even though they suggest using the whole bomb at once, I opt for breaking it up so that it lasts longer. I also love the Ribena smelling bubble bath... these are a joy to use as they crumble easily and create a beautiful smelling, pretty coloured bath! Why is it that you feel cleaner after a bath than shower? When lets face it this is far from the truth. Any ways..... I recently had a little splurge in Lush and picked up two new shower products, these were:
  • Flying fox shower gel.... The PMS beater. 
  • Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub.
I love the smell of Jasmine, so I was instantly drawn to the Flying fox shower gel. This product is designed for women. The oils used are known for their calming properties and have the delightful side effect of lowering the amount of PMS us poor girls feel around our monthly gift. This shower gel leaves your skin, and bathroom smelling of jasmine for hours! So if you're not a fan of jasmine or strong scents this won't be the product of your dreams, for me though it's become a holy grail.

The Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub is bright blue and full of grainy goodness perfect for getting all the nasty fake tan remnance off your skin. You can really feel this scrub working its magic, there is no need to rub vigorously as it is packed so full of grains! I really hate the disappointment I feel when I buy a 'scrub' that feels more like a bloody shower gel! I like to feel the sting! This shower scrub would be great for the man in your life as it can be used as a shampoo too! Now I haven't tried that one out yet and I'm not sure I will! I mean us girls are less lazy than men who throw any old crap on their hair! I would imagine that if you suffer from a flaky scalp this would be a great way to exfoliate the skin to reduce dandruff. (I'll let anyone with a flaky scalp off)

So my advice when in lush is to set yourself a budget... and STICK TO IT!

I think my next Lush goodie will be the Happy Hippy shower gel ........ hhhmmmm decisions, decisions.


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  2. Hi Niki I am already following your blog :)

  3. Hey! I super love lush, and I just added a whole mess of stuff to my wishlist. seriously, there's no way to budget yourself for lush. It's SOOOO GOOD! :)

  4. Any other recommendations widdlesh?

  5. Never heard of Lush but it sounds great!

  6. have you tried their ocean salt scrub? i loveeee it and it sounds like the rub rub rub scrub. were just starting our blog so follow us back!

  7. Will do, that sounds exciting will have to get through the bloody HUGE bottle of rub, rub, rub first though :)

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  9. I love lush and have never bought this product. It sounds amazing. I must buy!


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