Saturday, 14 August 2010


Today I decided to try a look that can be worn day or night. To wear this look during the day keep the definition in the crease natural. To take this look into the night add more of MAC's sketch in the crease to add more depth and darken the look. This is again a very simple look... as most of us don't have the time for complex makeup everyday.
The eyes: (Tip: do not lift your brows when perfecting your eyebrows, as this can lead to odd brows) 
  1. Apply an eyeshadow base such as Urban Decay primer potion.
  2. Using a MAC 239 brush pat Satin Taupe to the outer half of the lid. 
  3. Using a clean 239 brush apply Retrospek to the inner corner of the eye and half way under the eye. 
  4. Using a MAC 224 blend, blend, blend! 
  5. Taking MAC's Sketch on a MAC 219 pencil brush add definition to the crease, remember for daytime keep the sketch natural.                        
  6. Again using the 224 blend this lightly, do not blend too close to the brow bone for day time. 
  7. Using the mac 226 and Wedge blend the colours out at the brow bone.
  8. Apply MAC vanilla as highlight.
  9. Add lashings of mascara.
(No lifting ladies)
Face: (Tip: Warm concealer on the back of your hand before application)
  1. Apply your favourite foundation. (for me MAC face and body) 
  2. Conceal bags and blemishes. 
  3. Apply a translucent powder if you are slightly oily. 
  4. Apply bronzer. (For me Nars Laguna.)
  5. Apply blusher of your choice I chose MAC Coy girl.  
  6. Add your highlight to cheek bones, bridge of nose, and cupids bow.
Lips: (Tip: Use a lip brush when applying lipstick first thing in the morning, as it lasts longer!) 
(Pucker up)
  1. Apply a pink shade of lipstick or gloss ( For me MAC's I like it like that) 
Hope you like this.... please bare with me as I have a new camera still getting to know the settings!

Enjoy your weekend... 


  1. Thats so pretty! I'm yet to convert to MAC but youre putting a very good case for them forward haha xx

  2. Thanks Laura, their shadows can't be beaten!

  3. I adore this, so natural! looks lovely xx

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