Monday, 23 August 2010


As many of you will know, I have been using and worshiping the Liz Earle Cleanse and polish and Skin tonic. I explained in my previous post that by simplifying my skin care routine, I had conquered my spotty skin! I feel so confident in the appearance of my skin, I'm delighted. Not only does the Cleanse and polish remove every trace of makeup, and clear you skin, it also illuminates your skin beautifully. I now feel confident enough to go naked! Not clothes free but foundation free!
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As I had enjoyed using the cleanser and toner oh so much! I felt the urge to test the waters. I began to use the Skin repair moisturiser for oily/combination skin, and surprise, surprise I love it! First of all it smells DEVINE! The texture is light and absorbs beautifully. Even though this is a light moisturiser, you can really feel it working, the relief is instant! This is now another staple product for me. I would compare this to the Clarins light moisturiser for oily/combination skin. The way in which I would personally compare the two, is to say this is everything the Clarins wants to be, but really isn't.
(Posing first thing this morning... light Makeup)

If you have problem skin Liz Earle really is the way to go... I have tried it all from Espa to Guinot, Clarins to Decleor. This companies Ethos and service,  and of course products blows other companies out of the water! All I know is that I'm never going back! For me that is a huge statement! I am so fickle, always looking for the next 'big' thing! Not anymore... all I am interested in is trying more, and more Liz Earle as my skin continues to improve.

I am now going to ease into my skincare routine some sun protection, in the form of the Liz Earle Mineral sun protection! I cannot wait!

I will let you know how I get on.....


  1. wow! foundation free huh? u look great..I hope one day I feel confident to go foundation free..BTW thanks for following my blog and commenting..I am following u right back :)

  2. This is definitely worth a try! it's helped me soo much!

  3. im debating trying this system or the clinique system as they are both raved about! decisions!

  4. Liz Earle all the way.... Clinique is packed full of alcohol not natural at all!

  5. I've never used Liz Earle, but have always heard really good things. I use simple cleanser and toner and a cheap superdrug moisturiser. My skin is pretty good but I think this is due to the fact I drink a lot of water.
    Do you thing Liz Earle products are worth the extra money? It would be nice to have a bit of an extra skin boost!
    Christina xox

  6. Christina these products are amazing! seriously I would never recommend anything I didn't believe was outstanding! Do some research into the company and you will see how friendly they are! Their counters are also super helpful! They are quite reasonably priced for such incredible products! I know that it's tough to spend that extra bit, but I see my skin as an investment! feel free to ask anything more :)

  7. i love LIZ EARLE PRODUCT!!
    everything from this brand is AMAZINGGG!!
    I will definetly try this stuff.


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