Sunday, 15 August 2010


For me this foundation symbolised something huge, Good skin! After reading review upon review telling me that this was an incredible product, I was desperate to try it! When I went to my local MAC counter and spoke to one of the makeup artists I have built a good relationship with, she said kindly that my skin wasn't ready for such a sheer foundation. I took note of what she said because I appreciate honesty. None of us want to try a product and hate it! If I had of tried this product 18 months ago as planned, I would no doubt have thought that this was a god awful product! It isn't though!

This is a non foundation. What? I hear you say! What I mean is; this is a foundation that just enhances your skin! This gives you pretty decent coverage, but looks like your own skin! I even had my mum fooled!

I would say that the coverage you achieve with this foundation depends upon the application method you choose. I would not recommend using a sponge with this foundation. Firstly they are unhygeinic, second they absorb more product than they apply, and third they leave you with an uneven application. The tool I have chosen to use with this foundation is the Sigma F50! I love this brush so much! I have the MAC equivalent, but prefer the Sigma. The hairs of the Sigma brushes are sooo soft! Of course MAC and Sigma brushes are similar, as the Sigma brushes were designed to replicate the MAC versions for a far more reasonable price! If you are in the UK you can find Sigma brushes at:, sometimes they have a small amount of stock but be patient because they are worth the wait! I have heard some people say that they enjoy using flat top powder brushes for application of this foundation, I can't comment as I do not own a brush like this. I may buy a crown flat top powder brush and let you know! Or if any of you US ladies fancy doing a swap or quick Paypal transaction for a Sonia Kashuk flat top brush I'd be very pleased tehe.

As I say do not buy this product if you are still working on your skin. This foundation will not cover blemishes so try and get rid of them first! I know how awful spots make you feel about your skin. At one point, not so long ago, I would dread applying makeup, and that isn't me! I would not be able to enjoy a product like this if it wasn't for the Liz Earle cleanse and polish! It really does deserve all the awards it has received over the last 15 years. So try that first! Then buy this gorgeous product and flaunt healthy, radiant skin.
(Feeling rather smug! sporting Sunday hair)

I am NW20 and the perfect colour match for me is C2! This product is also very reasonably priced! You receive 120ml compared to the average 30ml for the price of £23. I have heard some people say that this foundation oxidizes quickly. However I have had this for 3 months now (yes I tried it before my skin was ready) and have had no issues! I will let you know if I do.

So go on girls fight bad skin and revel in wearing a LIGHT coverage foundation!


  1. I wish mac foundations worked for me, but they are too yellow for my skin tone. I've even tried to mix 2-3 foundations to get a perfect colour match but it didn't work... :/

  2. I'm the same with Chanel :( You should try Jane Iredales mineral foundations perfect for skins with more pinky undertones!

  3. I've heard good things about this foundation. Maybe I should try it. It brings so much product I feel that I will never use it all!

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  4. love face and body :) great review!

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  9. love this foundation!! cool review! :)

  10. I have this, too, but then again I have about three other foundations from MAC haha (because I used to work there!). But it's one of my favourites because it looks natural. I usually have good skin so I can wear this and I get compliments when I do!


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