Wednesday, 1 September 2010


August has been a time of using up some of what I have! I have fallen deeply in love with products from my past! Well products that have sank to the bottom of my collection drawers. I have really made an effort to get through some of the lip glosses I own. Lip glosses are not products that can be collected as they go off so flipping quickly! MAC lip glosses however have staying power! They refuse to go off! Still wreaking of the classic vanilla scent of MAC. Nars are the worst! I mean I have 6 nars lip glosses and everyone now smells like plastic! Well smells isn't the word...... they are giving off an almighty offensive odor! and have there fore been chucked! Another one bites the dust! Anyway enough rambling.... as always here are my August favourites!

  • MAC Stereo Rose- This is an AMAZING product! It gives the perfect coral glow for summer and suits everyone! I know some people felt disappointed by their Stereo Rose from the In the groove collection in July, but I think I must have got a gooden as I worship mine! 
  • MAC Marine Life- I have been loving this highlight powder. At first I wasn't sure what all the fuss was about, but now I love it! I think you need to get rid of that gold spray, to unearth the true beauty of this subtle coral/ pink highlight. 
  • Barbara Daily at Tescos glow up- This is a mousse highlighter, it adds the perfect dewy glow to the skin, and is of course affordable at £7.50. Great product! 
  • Lancaster kaleidoscope bronzer- I have been loving this gigantic bronzer. This product allows you to create either a warm flushed bronze with the brown and pink, or a cool bronze using the brown, purple and blue. This is an amazing product which has sparked an interest within me to look into the Lancaster brand further. It does smell of old lady though! peeeewwwweeeee! 
  • MAC face and body foundation c2- This is my holy grail foundation at the moment. I love the natural finish it gives. This is the foundation to fool people with, they will believe you are going naked. 
  • MAC Golden Bronzer- This is a forgotten favourite. This product has made me say Nars Laguna who? 
  • Sleek Storm palette- These palettes are sooo cheap, and the quality is outstanding! They are mineral based and incredible to work with. They blend like a dream, and the pigmentation makes high end brands hang their heads in shame! 
  • The Naked Palette- Of course this baby has to make the cut! It's an amazing product that will make you fall in love with eye shadow all over again! 
  • YSL Rouge Volupte n26- This is called Tender peach and it is exactly that; a beautiful pale coral/ peach colour. This is perfect for anyone who is afraid of orange lips! Need I say more you all know I am addicted to these! 
  • MAC Speed Dial- This is an old favourite, that I have recently shown some love! It is a beautiful true pink with subtle reflects of gold! I love this sooo much, I think the fact that it's a creamsheen helps.
  • Lancome lipgloss 258- This is a favourite of mine, and will be for a long time! It is the perfect gloss for natural makeup! It just adds a sheen to the lips, enhancing rather than smothering. 

Phewww that felt like a marathon! I hope you enjoyed! Share your August favourites I would love to see them!


  1. Wow! MAC Stereorose & Naked palette looks amazing!


  2. They are both lovely products! X

  3. I agree, of course that stereo rose is my all time fav! I envy u for having marine life! I just could not get it in enough time :(
    I have the storm palette but have yet to play with it, this may be my next thing to do! I also ordered th naked palette but it is out of stock and no word as to when they will ship it to me :(
    Great list!!

  4. Lol I'm sorry for making you envious! It is amazing though! I'd say it's worth the silly prices on eBay! You will love the storm palette! It's great! X

  5. I'm really interested in the Lancaster Bronzer.. I think I'm going to give it a try! LOL @ smells of old lady! So cute :-D

  6. Lol it does though! Great bronzer if u can stand the in your face perfume smell :)

  7. I can't wait to get the Naked palette its still sold out :(

  8. Wow!!!

    I am having a giveaway for a hair straightener ends today if you want to enter!


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