Thursday, 16 September 2010


Behind every great cult product, is a great dupe waiting to be discovered!

I am always on the look out for cheap alternatives to amazing products! I have been a fan of the Clarisonic for over a year now. I have the Clarisonic Mia, and I enjoy using it on a daily basis. For the last month however, I have been trying a new 'dupe' for the Clarisonic. I know, I know thank me later..... risking my skin in order to find you a dupe that is more than half the price!

The Tresonic is a facial cleansing system, which works using the same sonic technology as the Clarisonic. The Clarisonic is the original, and was created by the same people who changed the way we brush our teeth with the sonicare toothbrush. This sonic technology is now changing the way we cleanse our skin! If you want a clearer, more radiant complexion, this really is the product to create flawless skin! If you are like me and have problematic skin, cleansing alone may always fall short when it comes to the results you hope to achieve. I love my Liz Earle cleanse and polish, and maintain that it is the best cleanser on the market. However when you have spot prone skin, cleanliness is essential in the battle to keep spots, milia and blackheads at bay. The Clarisonic has helped me to clear my skin, and keep it that way.

With such a great product comes the hefty price tag. For most young people, and young adults £150 is just too much to spend on a product that some would view as a luxury. I decided to find an alternative, with similar results for a much more reasonable price tag, which leads me to the review of the Tresonics skin care system.
The Tresonics skin care system is available in both the US and UK from QVC for the amazing price of £32.50. It comes with 4 interchangeable heads. One for sensitive skin, one for normal skin, a facial massager, and a foam attachment, to use in conjunction with your moisturiser to allow deeper penetration. My advice would be to ignore the massager and foam attachment, as they are useless! The brushes however are not! They are so similar to the Clarisonic brushes and require changing every 90 days, the same as the clarisonic. I would recommend that you begin with the sensitive and after 90 days change to the normal, as your skill will have become accustomed to the Tresonic.

The results that I have experienced over the last month have been no different. My skin remained soft, subtle and most importantly spot free! I have felt no difference between the two products. The only negative thing I have to say about the Tresonic is the fact the it is not rechargeable! I would suggest getting some rechargeable batteries and charging them on a regular basis, so you get the full power of the sonic technology. I think that the effort it took to create a cradle for storage could have been better spent adding a charger. However for 30 squidders I'm prepared to let that slide. There is only one intensity setting on the Tresonic, and no timer. I can't say that I have missed the luxury of this, as estimating 20 seconds for forehead, and chin and 10 seconds for each cheek is not rocket science. The replacement heads are also half the price, at £9.71. I know that for sometime they were out of stock, but QVC seem to have corrected this issue.

If you are looking for a sonic facial brush and don't have the dosh for a Clarisonic, this is a brilliant dupe. I would go as far as to say that this is more than a dupe, rather a product with results that speak for themselves.

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  1. Wow I have been eyeing up the clarisonic for quite a bit, definitely want to give this one a go now. £150 is a lot to shell out for something that you don't know will work for definite!
    Thanks for the review :D
    - beth x

  2. I should probably try this. I have never used them before, maybe it's about time I do!


  3. Wow thanks for the review. I have wanted to try the clarisonic for a while but funds did not permit. Will definately be trying this!!


  4. Well i have both and this works just as well ladies! Glad you found it helpful!

  5. This is an useful post! Thanks for sharing!


  6. That's great! Thanks for the tip!

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  8. i would love to try this now, thanks for a really interesting post! x

  9. The Neutrogena commercial of Vanessa Hudgens got me curious about the product but seeing that there's a cheaper alternative made my ears clap.

    Informative post! :)

  10. Nice Review :-)
    Do you think the Tre Sonics is exactly the same as the Sirius Sonic Skin (
    Because I can not decide which of the two I should I buy ^^
    greetings from Germany An

  11. I have the Tresonics machine, it was bought as a gift for Christmas and it has totally changed my skin, I used to really struggle with spots and dry patches despite heading to 30! and this little machine has changed that, for the 1st time ever (apart from on holiday) I have gone out without foundation on as my skin looks so good! for the £30 price tag this is definitely money well spent :)


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