Friday, 3 September 2010


I have always pondered over this foundation. The reviews it receives are so mixed that I just never felt brave enough to risk it. I have asked several times for a sample but have always been told that they don't have any, or that they are not allowed to give them. That was untill the new Estee Lauder counter opened at my local department store. The woman at the counter was incredibly helpful,and offered to remove and reapply makeup, so that I could get a feel of how the foundation lasted. She also gave me several samples to last me a week.

I can report that I love this foundation. It does not give you the naked effect, like the mac face and body. However it does not give you the caked on effect that many complain it does. A little goes along way. I apply this with my mac 190 and I love it! It reports to stay matte for 15 hours. Now I would be lying If I said I wore my makeup for that length of time, though I can believe it would withstand 15 hours! I am still matte 8 or 9 hours later! This is a must have for anyone who has a busy schedule and needs their makeup to withstand sweat, aircon, well basically hard bloody work!

For reference I am shade shell and I am nw20 in mac.

So ladies get to your Estee Lauder counter and demand a sample!

One last thing.... I am buying it!


  1. I will post a picture as soon as I can, my computer is playing tricks and won't let me upload pictures nightmare!

  2. ooh, I don't know if you spotted my last post - but I mixed my double wear with face and body for the perfect long lasting - dewy look! the staying power on this is incredible :) x

  3. I did! I love face and body so I might have to try that! Nearly 11 and it's still going strong x

  4. I always wanted to try ELDW,,i think i may just get a sample now cuz i am in LOVE with MUFE HD..lets see if it can sway me

  5. Double Wear is the only foundation I've used in my face in about 2 or 3 years now. Because my skin is really oily, even with an oil control moisturiser and primer, I go shiny after about 3 to 7 hours (depending on the weather), and need to powder it to get rid of the shine but the foundation stays good. On the day of the Beauty Heaven open day, I went 13 hours in it without powdering and it was shiny but still hanging in there at the end, and I've got photos to prove it! :)

  6. May have to risk getting it too!


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