Monday, 13 September 2010


I was sent these about a week ago for review. A week later, more washes than I care to remember, and the verdict is..... AMAZING!
I have tried lots of natural haircare in the past, and have felt nothing but frustration at the lack of foaming action. Now I know that the foaming agents added to popular haircare brands such as Pantene are unnatural, they are only added to make us believe psychologically that our hair is getting a good 'clean'. The opposite is often the case. With constant use of products such as Pantene, and others within the same market, our hair, and scalp are being coated with a layer of silicone or fattty acids. Silicone or fatty acids are what such brands use to add softness and shine. This is simply an artificial cure to dry, frizzy, dehydrated hair. Such ingredients are comparable to coating your face in Vaseline. Sure it wouldn't be dry anymore, but it also wouldn't really be curing the underlying issues!

Any way enough rambling..... This shampoo and conditioner is perfect for those of us who need that foaming action to feel clean! It of course does not foam to the extent of your drugstore brands, but it has a more luxurious lather than other natural haircare I have tried in the past. if you begin to feel frustrated add a little more water, and voila....foam! I feel that this shampoo is everything the GHD spa wanted to be.

There is only one shampoo, suitable for all hair types and three different conditioners; one for dry/ damaged, one for oily and of course for you lucky ones, normal. They are all colour safe! Which was music to my ears. I was sent the one for normal hair and although my hair is on the oily side, I have been loving using this conditioner. It's packed full of apples and oranges; which is such a refreshing scent first thing in the morning let me tell you! The apple and orange extracts are used to enhance shine, and they are doing a bloody good job! My hair is shiny, glossy, smooth and in perfect order for the styling to commence on a daily basis.

Liz Earle has created yet another hit product, and at £7.50 for 200ml, they are very sensibly priced. I will most definitely repurchase myself, and would highly recommend you give these beauts a try! Get your hands on yet another best kept secret here:

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  1. These sound amazing, i have a little packet to try of these i might just use it tonight x

  2. You should they are really lovely products!

  3. awesome! I really need new shampoo and conditoner..mine feels like it is weighing my hair down :(

  4. Me want!

    I want to send a little sunshine your way so...


  5. Great review, Im currently reviewing these products too for Liz Earle and so far so good, I can't wait to do my write up on what I think :)


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