Sunday, 17 October 2010


Lately my diet has been..... shall we say less than less than perfect! Too many sweet treats, and we all know what sugar does to our skin! My face began to show the tell tale signs of breakout city. I did not want to go back to uneven, spotty skin after so much hard work! I decided to attend the opening of the khiel's counter at my local Fenwicks. I was so excited by the products, and the helpful staff.  I don't know about you, but a polite sales assistant is all it takes for me to hand over my money! I loved the simple, natural concept and packaging of all the products. I bought several items and will continue to post about them as I get to know them better. I decided after one use I could review this for you, as it had immediate effect. This is a product to to frighten your loved ones with. It leaves you with a gorgeous blue/ purple/ ghost like mask and remains so until you wake up the next day! This should be used as an over night treatment, to draw out any impurities.... therefore bringing any under the skin blemishes to the surface. I would highly recommend trying this, even if it is as a precautionary measure. Now my skin is back on the straight and narrow my diet must take the same route! ( sat eating maltesers as we speak).
Enjoy your Sunday..........


  1. Oo, thanks for the follow and for suggesting this product, I've got to try it! Cute blog!

  2. No problem, it's a great product.


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