Monday, 22 November 2010


I'm please to inform you, I've met the one! No not a man, but a fragrance!

If you haven't met The One before let me introduce you, meet Dolce and Gabanna The One.

This fragrance oozes sex appeal, from the moment you see the gold, sleek packaging you know that the sexual aura of Gisele Bundchen is achievable. I of course am not such a passive consumer,  to suggest a spritz of this will give me her killer legs, that would be ridiculous........ but a 5'2 girl can only dream. I am talking about the confidence she oozes; the I know I look and smell great (I reckon she smells amazing). 

The One is a warm, mature fragrance. It has top notes of bergamot and mandarin, blended with subtle hints of lychee and peach. This would lead you to imagine a fruity, floral scent. However what you end up with is a far more unique, complex, and damn sexy scent. The heart note is definitely more on the floral level, yet as it dries and adapts with your skin, beautiful hints of vanilla and sweet amber begin to seep through. I can even smell hints of jasmine throughout the evening. Yes I said it; evening, this is definitely an evening scent, I know how many more night time fragrances can I throw at you. They do a light version which is more suited to daytime. This is another one of the perfumes I own that; to an immature nostril could be deemed highly offensive, not that I care. This is a killer fragrance, that just gives you the confidence to flirt; knowing you smell well......... irresistible.

Some say this is a fragrance for a more mature woman; I would disagree if you love rich, musky, sensually sweet scents, this will most certainly earn a place on your shelf.


  1. My lovely house mate bought it for me, I had never given it a try but I LOVE it!

  2. I absolutley LOVE this fragrance!
    I need a top up, am running out!

    Malisha x

  3. Try really good prices :)

  4. Thanks Sher it's a lovely scent x

  5. Such a nice perfume! Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  6. @ Super girl. I think it must be a favourite. I had no ides it was so popular.

  7. I'm surprised at how many people do! maybe not so offensive after all x

  8. Love the perfume! I have several perfumes, and am asking this for christmas ;) Though my favourite perfume is flora by gucci! Would love if you could check out my blog?

  9. Will do Izzy Thanks for commenting, and hope you get the presents you want x

  10. Already on my wishlist, have herd so much good about it!:-)

  11. Definitely not a scent for only mature women! I'm only 16 and I love it!
    I have run out of it and keep having to steal my mum's bottle of it!
    Think this needs to go on my list to Santa!:D

    Do you mind visiting my blog? It only got set up today? Thank you!


  12. Awesome blog!
    I'm the 300th follower btw ;) hehe!
    I hope all is well. :)

  13. It takes me forever to fins a nice new perfume!!! Then they discontinue the one i use!!! Sad times :( XXX

  14. I'll def give this a quick sniff in Boots now, I tend to like quiet heavy perfums but this sounds lovely.


  15. It really Is surprisingly nice x

  16. Their other fragrances have all been top notch, so I will definitely check this one out. I wish I was a girl who could wear a deep, sexy perfume but it just seems a bit odd on me. Most of my scents are vanilla based and slightly sweet smelling. I guess it's my signature thing though.


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  18. This has vanilla tones Michelle, it's lovely. I think from your go to scent you will enjoy this one x


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