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Sigma have given me the opportunity to give one of my lovely readers a Christmas treat :)

I don't know about you but I think Marilyn Monroe is just amazing; so any product named in her honour is a must have!

This give-away is not follower based, I'm not doing this to increase my numbers. This is just as a thank you for all your amazing comments, and simply for supporting my blog. You have built my confidence and I love blogging more than I ever thought I would. 

I wanted to make this as fun for you and me as possible. I thought about lots of ways to do this. But the funniest way I could think of, was to hear all of your disastrous beauty moments. Be it make-up, skincare, beauty treatments, or hair related. Just be honest and funny! 

The comment I find the funniest will win; simple as that. I would love to give you all something, but I will do more give- aways in the future. 

So the instructions are: 

Write your comment after this post, make it funny, and make sure I can email you to let you know you've won, either via a link or your email address. 

Once I choose the winner, I will email the chosen one to get their details. Sigma will then ship the item directly to you  :)

open to everyone! 

Again a big thank you! for all your support. May Mythology20 continue  to grow. 

The closing date is the Tuesday 14th December at 5.00pm GMT.


  1. A disaster of mine would be when I was in my friends house a couple of years ago curling my hair with a curling tong, not really knowing how to use it because at the time I was young and didnt really curl my hair, the curling tong got stuck in a part of my hair and there was no way I could get it out, I had to walk from my friends house to mine, about 10 minute walk with the curling tongs still in my hair and the wire lead and plug hanging from it, because I couldnt get it out, it was so embarrising, my mam had to try seperate my hair from the curling tong with a fork, lukily we got it out.

    Email address: ellismurphy@live.co.uk

  2. Sorry I forgot my email on my first comment! makeyuup@gmail.com

    I think the funniest beauty disaster (it wasn't funny at the time lol) was when I went to my first spa treatment, and they were opening my pores by steaming my face. While it felt nice for the first 5min or so, after a while I started not to be able to breathe properly cuz of all the steam, and ended up blowing air out of my mouth to push away the steam and hurriedly breathing in through my nose before the steam could get back towards my face.. yeah, I'm sure I looked and sounded elegant, especially when my attendant walked in to stop the machine for me :P

  3. Mwaahhhhaaaa I love this give-away already. Maybe I will share some of my disasters with you all after this. A weekly blog maybe?

  4. I got a body wave in the 5th grade that was really an old lady perm. There I was, about 10 or 11, and I looked like Richard Simmons' little sister. I thought I could 'cut out the curl' when in the end, it looked like a giant poof. It took two years to grow that out. Oh, but I have MORE! Then, in the eighth grade, I dyed my hair bright red and cut it into a bob. I loved it for 5 minutes. Then, when I was 18, my friend did my highlights. A newly licensed cosmetologist she was. I thought she'd so the fancy looking foils in my hair but she couldn't fold right so ultimately, it was big balls of foil with my hair inside. My hair wasn't bleaching for whatever reason and in the end, my hair was a rainbow of blonde, yellow, brown, and copper. And that bleach? It was in my hair for a good three hours. Did I mention my grandma cut my hair as a child? Yes, she did! I walked around with brooked bangs up until my Richard Simmons moment! My hair has been terribly violated over the years....

    email: katieboop88@gmail.com

  5. Oh Katie, I'd be bitter if I were you! That sounds like years of hair trauma. Enough to end a girl really! this has made me grin! thank you x

  6. You're welcome! Believe it or not, I have even MORE hair horror stories, but it'd be a long list of disasters. Needless to say, I don't color my hair anymore.

  7. Well it looks lovely now, so the pain is finally over x

  8. wow, love ur blog..and paris -> im doing a project on it now. my biggest makeup disaster would be when i was 11, i wore makeup to school but it was HORRIFIC and it was like overshimmer goldy/bluey/bronzey colour on my lids applied TERRIBLY, racoon eyleiner, and cakey concealer. LOL then my biggest skincare mistake was i once bought a body shop lotion and put it on my face, i did have sensitive skin, and the next day it SWELLED UP AND WAS BRIGHT RED AND BLOTCHY and it didnt go down for weeks and i had to go to school!

    email - perdiindahouse@hotmail.co.uk
    blog - watermelonraindropx.blogspot.com

    perdi xx

  9. Haha I love this giveaway I have a whole list. My entire life is beauty disaster after beauty disaster.

    Once I was at my friends house when I was about 11. She had a sister who was 16 and big in to makeup. Anyway she had this electronic hair trimmer from QVC or somewhere equally crap. I decided I would trim my eyebrows to be grown up. I started gently running it over the bits I wanted rid of pretending I did my eyebrows all the time, and my friends were all crowded round me watching like wow your so grown up. I thought I was mint till I noticed It wasn't working. They started giving different bits of advice totally bombarding me and I flipped and went "ITS NOT WORKING!!!!! LOOK!!!" at this point I ran it over my entire eyebrow to prove it wasn't working. Then my eyebrow came off. So I shaved the other one off and drew them on. wonky. In black. I had blond hair.

    The same year I was at the same friends, after clearly not learning my lesson, we started playing with her sis' makeup again. She had nail scissors and we thought they were hair scissors. I decided I wanted a fringe. We cut it in but it was too short. So instead of just pinning it up we were like "omg what do we do!!" so the bright idea was to cut it off but it kepy being stubby and sticky up. We shaved it. I had a tiny panel of bald at the front of my hair. if the wonky eyebrows and bald patch wernt bad enough I then got an infection from sharing eyeliner. So under my bald patch was wonky drawn on brows and then under that was a massive sti. Lucky eyeone got a sti and my friends wouldnt go away. She got it taken off at the hospital and it grew back ahaha.

    Oh god I could go on and on. A short one: My teeth looked wonky on the front so I used a nail file. now one is slightly slanted.

    When I was 14 I didnt want to be pale so I looked for fake tan. Didnt have any in my house so used my mams foundation. My entire legs were covered in foundation. They didnt look real so I put blusher on them to try make them not look too stupid. it doesnt need explaining just imagine what I looked like.


  10. I have to tell you my mates disaster. You can delete it when it comes to deciding as its not MY disaster but its hilarious.

    I went in to school in year 10 and was going to science. My friend was in a different class and when I walked past her class who were all stood outside waiting to go in their lesson I heard my name getting shouted.

    I started looking for her in the small crowd and looked at the person infront of me who pointed downwards towards the door. The rest of her class pointed me down the line. I let my eyes wander.

    Then I saw her.

    She had shaved her entire hair off. She was bald.

    No joke. She was bald.

    wtf haha.

  11. I have many disasterous stories to share in my never ending quest to no, not look beautiful, but merely presentable enough to face a civilised society. The most recent notable story was the aftermath of a last minute decision to enjoy a night in town. It needs to be understood first that my face is not only shiny, oily or any other description of a greasy surface, its actually horrific enough that i could fry not just an egg, but a full english breakfast on it, and thats just the forehead. In fact i could actually start up a caferetia with a vast array of greasy delights served from my own slick face. Preperation of the evening began with foundation, followed by illamasqua creme blush in a fetching shade of BRIGHT pink, a lovely complement to my pink toned skin (NOT) and liquid eyeliner to the grease creased eyelids. The end result? The eyeliner has slicked half way down the cheeks and left me looking like snoopy's biggest fan (the saggy eyed dog for reference), the cheeks were practically dripping off my chin ala Jackie stalone and I generally looked like a Yankee candle after a blazing housefire. Yes my face was melting, and i looked like what could on be described as a burns victim after being mauled by a dog. Anyway I cacked on half a pot of Mac prep and prime translucent powder believing it would solve all my issues. How naive, for a visual-think talcum powder floating in a pan of vegetable oil. I throw on the recently purchased lovely beige off the shoulder dress, and since its body con i decided that SPANX were in order. Yep, you know its bad when SPANX are involved. Off i commute anyway, denying to myself the monstrosouty i have become. Several cheeky vimto, vodka and rose's later and I find myself shaking what my momma gave me with a brad pitt lookalike. In reality he was actually Shrek's long lost twin, but a combination of the beer googles, smoke machines, and probably the dazzle back of my glowing face led me to believe otherwise. It wasnt until the said Mr Shrek placed his hands south of the hips that it realised that, oh fxxk, the SPANX arent just holding in the stomach excess, but are also designed as thigh shapers. Thigh shapers that surpass the hemline of the little beige dress and are exposed for the whole club to see. Needless to say, i dashed home asap not only looking like i have a reflective surface shining like a disco ball for a face, but it not had a sexy little beetroot tinge of embarrasment also. The taxi driver was one lucky fella. ;)

  12. hey,


    I prob have so many bad beauty moments when first started but the most recent was me going to the beauty salon for a bikini wax!! About 6 months ago .... just a week before my holiday i decided to go hair free and popped along to my local salon for a wax....it started ok but half way through the phone in the salon went and the beautician ran off to get it. 5 minutes later she comes back to carry on but did't check the wax before she out it on my...yes you can guess she burnt me bad, she thinks he must have hit the dial higher when she ran to the phone by accident!! She had some of the wax remover so we got it off but my skin blistered and i had to go the ER and have some burn cream on me.... i was mortified and very embarrased and it wasn't even my fault.... just to add she was fired for what happened then i felt bad for her.

  13. When i was quite alot younger i went into Boots with my Mum and decided i'd try out loads of testers (not being used to makeup). Anyway i tried on this really dark brown lipstick and it ended up going everywhere around my lip area. I went to take it off using the back of my hand and realised it was actually one of those lipsticks that are meant to stay on all day. When my Mum saw me she took me straight to the counter (as i looked absoloutley ridiculous!) and asked if there was anything they could do to get it off. They scrubbed and scrubbed with this tissue and in the end we had to put a scarf around my mouth area and drive me home asap!

    Great giveaway btw, i love Marilyn Monroe!
    My email is: xcmgx@hotmail.co.uk


  14. My biggest disaster ever was the time i shaved off half my eyebrow.... and no not the outer half. I was attempting to shave the little hairs in between my brows... yeah i took off a little too much! I pretty much managed to shave off everything until a little before the arch of the brow. Now give me some credit it was in my preteen years! I decided to hide it from my mom by putting a towel across my face.. why would that ever work!? Well for the next month or so my mom had to pencil in my eyebrow every morning before school. And to add to this horrible moment I had just gotten braces and my sister told all her friends to look at my "braces"... when really they were looking at my lack of an eyebrow. Girls, guys, anyone out there NEVER NEVER NEVER shave your eyebrow!


  15. Hello! I'm liking the blog - who doesn't love makeup?!

    I would have to say my biggest beauty disaster was when my friend and I thought we could dye our hair with Kool Aid. Why did we think this? Because we heard from a friend of a friend that you could and we wanted to have colored hair... I chose orange, my friend chose green. We put the powder in our hair and waited. And waited... The only thing happening was our hair getting really stiff and ridiculously sticky. Needless to say we had to have my mom help us get the gunk out of our hair because it was just a sticky, matted mess.

    Oh also. Before my senior prom I decided my dress would look better if I was tanner. So I bought a gradual self tanning lotion. All was going well until tight before prom. I put the lotion on as I was getting ready for bed but fell asleep before washing the lotion off of my palms. I had to go to prom with bright orange hands and it was definitely very, very noticeable in all of the photos.


  16. oh my gosh, I was going to try and remember a disaster in my history but I've just read everyone elses and have decided I can't even compete! So funny!!!! Great idea for a post.

  17. Well, since Im a dancer and have to do make up quite a lot, Ive had a lot of disasters. Most of them include having lipstick on my teeth and mascara running down my cheeks but once I had this horrible accident, where I had mistaken green eyeshadow for bright red and everyone else was wearing green eyeshadow. Usually things like that dont show on stage that much, but this time people were really close and I could hear them saying, "Oh look at THAT!"
    Yeah, that was an awesome night (y)

  18. Thank you all for entering! The winner was Georgia @ http://georgiassimplyprettythings.blogspot.com
    I think you will all agree she deserved it after her endless beauty catastrophes xxx


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