Tuesday, 9 November 2010


As I said in my previous post...... I am not a fan of winter! sure I love wearing winter clothes, to cover up that extra pound or two! But I do not enjoy being cold, not one little bit. I always find I spoil myself more during the colder months, I think it's to make up for the sun deprivation. Lush is my go to perk me up location during these months especially for my little treat.......snow fairy. Limited edition, but why? Any way, I have been avoiding any cold toned shades of makeup lately. The last thing I want to do is add any more frostiness to my already pale, miserable and frozen face!..... I know, I know turn that frown upside down :/ :/ :/.......... just for you :)! and that leads me to my new go to lip colour.... perhaps a summer shade some may say. I don't care :p I love this shade,  all jokes aside it is a stunner! please give it up for the gorgeous, the glamorous, the glowing...... Speed dial! This will warm your complexion right up. It gives illuminates the skin with it's subtle gold undertones. I love it and will continue to avoid old colder favourites such as YSL Rouge volupte number 7, I know, I know tut tut what a waste. I am finding ever more that I really only need a couple of lipsticks I think I could live without most aside from angel, hue and now Speed dial...... Ok, ok throw in YSL 26 and I don't suppose I could keep Shy girl? could I?  So ladies speed to your local MAC counter and pick up a winter pick me up.

My second find is a cheapy! I had began to wonder what was happening to Collection 2000 lately. I mean new packaging, products..... well basically a whole brand revamp! drawn into it's teeny charms I grabbed a mascara and ran to the till. Yes I hang my head in shame, collection 2000! But don't be so quick to judge! This mascara is absolutely phenomenal it even competes with my much loved Loreal voluminous! It's claims to be a curl enhancing mascara, with the arched brush..... which is a biggen! So if big brushes scare you this one may be one to steer clear off. I really am enjoying this, it works great first time ( no drying out required) and is easy to remove, zero flakeyness. What more could you ask for from a product..... nothing. This is just as good as a Lancome mascara and at a snippet of the price..... under a fiver! It is absolutely a find in my opinion. I will continue to enjoy this teen mascara until my hearts content. So for you make up snobs..... shhhhhhhh!

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  1. It's a pretty one I must admit :) I love your chirpy comments :)

  2. such a pretty lipstick! perfect colour to brighten up winter xx

  3. It really is such a rich pink :) pretty on everyone x

  4. Hey sweet, thank you for subscribe ;)

    great channel*__*


  5. No problem you're blog is great :)

  6. Your lips looking great.
    Thank you for searing.

  7. I don't like cool-toned makeup, either. I much prefer to warm up my face with a pretty coral or warm pink :)
    I don't own a single MAC product, but Speed Dial looks lovely <3

  8. No mac! Wow u go Emily! Prove that makeup can be fabulous without!


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