Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I have recently been going through a phase where I buy at least one new nail polish a week. I have found a great store on eBay which stock so many great Essie, China Glaze, and OPI shades at amazing prices. Even though they ship from NY, my little bundle of joy drops on my doorstep within a couple of days. This store is so efficient, and I never get hit with any unexpected import taxes, which is a relief. The name of the store is Beautyzone2007, go check them out, great overall service.

My first favourite is:
-China glaze Cashmere crème, it's a beautiful subtle, sheer taupe colour. It looks great on everyone, and is a great way to wear a muddy, interesting shade in a professional manner. If you hadn't noticed mud is going to be a recurring theme throughout this post.

- Essie, Chincilli- This is a gorgeous grey shade, it looks amazing on and is another interesting shade. I always receive lots of complements whilst wearing this shade. I love the consistency of this, I would say this is an example of good Essie, definitely one of their best shades.

- Essie, Angora cardi- This is one of my all time favourite Essie shades, it's different, unique and as opaque as a polish ever gets. One coat in a hurry and you're good to go. This is the best consistency of all the Essie polishes I have tried and tested.

-Essie, Mink Muffs- This is THE interesting muddy shade, I have so many equivalents, including Chanel Particuliere. I feel that this tops them all. It's longevity is outstanding, it's opacity is amazing, it's an all round trooper.

-Essie, Over the top- This is my winter shade. It's an off black, shimmery, gunmetal colour. It needs a few coats to build that beautiful shade. However, the hard work is well worth it, this shade is stunning on and might even cause me to hope for a cold, dreary day. The consistency however is poor for Essie, it's too runny and is extremely sheer. I love the overall finish though, so I am happy to work with it.

-Essie, Steel- ing the scene- This is a metallic, silver/ green/ gold shade. Again extremely interesting to look at. This is a mesmerising shade which looks amazing with a black base.

Essie, Sew psyched- This is my go to shade. It's a khaki green. I know sounds hideous. It's amazing I love it, I am a khaki clothes girl all round. It just draws me in.... bizarre. I would choose khaki over pink any day!
sorry this is a tad sloppy.
OPI, Eiffel for this colour- This is a rich, romantic shade. It screams winter! It has a beautiful warmth, of which no black can compete. I love this on short fingernails and it looks amazing on tootsies. A must have for winter!

Eyeko Vampira polish- This is an amazing winter shade, it's a deep black shade with added heat from the finely milled red glitter. It would have been the perfect Halloween colour. It's another one which looks great with an extra black base layer.
Sorry about the sloppy application..... again! Squint..... go on, you can just make out the glitter. 
Models own, Nude/ Beige. This has been a long time favourite. It's another muddy shade, with a lighter feel. This is the cleaner of the grimey colours I seem to dote upon. This is my third bottle and it's drying out already. It's much loved and will be replaced over, and over again. The staying power of this one is also outstanding. It's also a steal at a fiver.

Remember to wear a base and top coat every time, to keep your natural nails healthy, and help make those polishes stick to your natural nails.


  1. heyy i noticed you were a follower of my blog and thought i'd check if you had one too :). i love it! also i'm loving your taste in nail varnishes, especially that lovely opi colour :) thanks for the heads up on the ebay store xx

  2. WOW. such a nice collection :) Just found your blog. following you now.

    Hope you stop by and visit my blog


  3. I love the OPI, definitely check out the eBay store it's amazing :)

  4. I will take a look Sarah. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Wow...all of the Essie polishes are amazing! I want all of them!

  6. I love Essie too, all of their polishes are such unique colours :)

  7. Great collection:)
    I have Essie grey one too - I love it:)


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