Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Massive Christmas haul….. if you’re still awake by the end I solute you!

I had a lovely Christmas, and was blessed with some delightful presents; many of which I would never have thought to buy myself. Those gifts are my favourite I must say.  I received a good mix of presents; ranging from jewellery to cosmetics of course! Not to mention my body weight in naughty things; such as sweets and chocolate! Thank god for the skin care! Hopefully it will counteract my exceptionally poor eating!  Any way here goes……. Sorry if this gets tedious, I just know how you like a good haul.


Thomas Sabo charm necklace- I love this; it’s edgy yet chic. It’s a larger piece, and makes a nice change from my typical dainty necklaces. This is a pricey piece I think, and was a lovely gift from my dad.

Dogeard Eat, pray, love rose gold necklace- This was a request from moi for Christmas. Do you still write lists to Santa?..... no, just me………ok! Well I just love this; it goes perfectly with my Michael Kors rose gold watch, and is just so flattering against my skin. It’s a subtle, sexy necklace that has a glowing aura.

Sterling silver Key necklace- This is a cult favourite now. I haven’t ever really jumped on the key necklace bandwagon as of yet, but I like this all the same. It’s a cute little piece that will look lovely with everything!

Asos gold drop earings- These are MASSIVE, and are like wearing ten tonne anchors from your ears; yet I still love them. They are chav mixed with chic. They embody the hard, feminine style that I seem to love. These will look great with a messy up do.

Asos gold bow headband- This was a present inspired by my 21st birthday shopping outing. I spent a good hour trying on hundreds of beautiful, handcrafted head bands. I was so tempted by them all; yet just couldn’t justify spending £30+ on a hair accessory. This is a cute little piece that sits beautifully, and flatters my brunette tresses brilliantly.

Brown leather Pandora, and two wooden charms- I already own Chamilia and Bacio charm bracelets; however they are silver, and I’m more of a gold type girl. I love anything a bit different, and ethinic looking, making this the perfect gift. I will feel less mixy matchy teaming this with all my gold jewellery. This is a true classic that I will enjoy accessorising.

Cassio classic gold watch- This explains itself; ideal for those retro days! 

Skincare and Makeup 
Origins Modern Friction- This has been a favourite of mine since I discovered origins products a few months ago. This was a top up, and was gratefully received. A really brilliant, jam packed with grain exfoliator. 

Clinique Blemish solutions cleansing bar- This will go through rigorous testing, and I will let you know the results; this may appear in my spot army line up.

Clinique exfoliating lotion- Same applies, I am not a Clinique lover; but after reading some raving reviews I wanted to give this a whirl. My little brother was kind enough to treat me to these two products.

Yves Saint Laurent Complexion Palette Highlighter- This is a beautiful limited edition highlight shade. It’s pink, subtle, and simply stunning! I will cherish this, the packaging is just so chic, and it adds just the right amount of shimmer. Of course it’s amazing it’s YSL, and I’m sure ridiculously overpriced! 

Sigma and Mac brushes- I received four delightful sigma brushes (F25, F80, F82, F84), and treated myself to the MAC 168 angled brush. I haven’t really road tested these brushes yet so I am sure a review will follow these in the upcoming weeks.

M&S Makeup bag set- My mum’s friend could not have thought of a more useful gift for me. During term time, I tend to come home every couple of weeks; as I miss my mum, brother and cats! I’m not someone who can travel lightly, especially when it comes to cosmetics! This set came with the biggest makeup bag I’ve ever seen! It is fantastic and will be great for when I lug my makeup home. The smaller two bags will also be handy; one for brushes and one for in my handbag. Bloody great gift! I got so overexcited whilst unwrapping this! 

Smelly Things
I love bath goodies at Christmas; it stocks you up for the upcoming year! I received some lovely Bomb cosmetics products, my fav! I think they may be overtaking Lush in the bath stakes. My mum also gave me a massive candle! It smells beautiful; like bubble gum (supposed cranberry aroma aside) this will give my home a sweet atmosphere that’s for sure.

Juicy couture, Peace, love, and Juicy couture- This Is a lovely perfume. It’s not a typical ‘me’ scent. It’s not in any way a vanilla or musky fragrance; more a fruity, sweet scent. I love it none the less, and will enjoy wearing this as my new day scent. Finally my stink may not be obnoxious in anyway. Tom Ford black orchid can have a well-deserved breather.

J life hair straighteners
I had heard lots of great things about these pretty straighteners. I have recently lost my love of GHD’s and was intending on venturing into the unknown depths of Cloud Nines. I am pleased to report that these can be found in TK maxx for £20! A flipping bargain as so far I love them! I will let you know how they hold up once my daily straightening has commenced!

Thanks for reading girls! I hope you’re not in the land of nod!
Once again Merry Christmas! Share with us some of your favourite gifts! Make us jealous!


  1. So happy to see that you had a very Merry Christmas! I love that key necklace. :)

    - Grace


  2. Thanks Grace, it's cute I must say x

  3. I love Dogeared jewelry, and that necklace is so cute! Your makeup and brushes are all so lovely as well :)

  4. Thanks Erin, I love Dogeard too x

  5. oo great presents

    Love the Thomas Sabo charm necklace and Pandora Bracelet!!

  6. Thanks Steph, I'm a lucky girl x

  7. All such lovely presents! I was tempted by a silver Pandora bracelet but I didn't want to get something that loads of people had, this one is so different and unique, love it! :D.
    Glad you had a good Christmas!

  8. Wow, you got a lot of great presents! Love the look of that Juicy perfume bottle.

  9. Great gifts! Yay for Sigma brushes! :)

  10. those ASOS earrings look stunning! Also, I'm very curious now about the Origins Friction dermabrasion scrub.

    Great haul!

  11. I so want a nice key chain necklace, yours is gorgeous!
    This haul is great!!


  12. Great xmas present.. love the sigma brushes too~~


  13. Thanks girls, I glad you enjoyed! I will talk in more depth about the modern friction scrub jen so look out for that x

  14. Great post! I likeeee this blog! follow you

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    merry xmass!

  15. Love the watch, I have a casio and a pandora, some of the best things i own, Love it.


  16. awesome gifts hun,i love them all did my gift post yesterday,glad u had a wonderful xmas dear,take care

  17. great stuff! and your blog is absolutely amazing:)


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