Monday, 20 December 2010


The more I sample skin care, the more I appreciate that the finest and most dependable products are often the ones targeted at sensitive skin, i.e. the gentle ones.  Gentle is the best policy in my opinion; If like me you find it almost impossible to slot your skin into the given categories, it can be an absolute bitch to try and find products that suit your skin. There is nothing worse than spending a fortune on a product aimed at spotty skin, only to watch every drop of moisture extinguished from your skin, leaving a dehydrated, often flaking complexion. I look at this way; in many aspects spot prone skin is sensitised. Something be it hormonal, lifestyle, or stress related causes the breakouts. Anyone who suffers from spots knows only to well the red, patchy skin often left behind long after the pustule has finally relented its attack.  In my hunt to find the perfect products for my skin I came across this little gem. 

I love to splash my skin with cool water post cleanse, after all you can’t get much more natural than that. I hate stripping toners, and find toning a chore too far at times. Hence why this product appealed. It is a water spray, much like the Evian one I remember from years ago. This is by the French skin care brand Avene. I love French skincare, and can envision myself loosing years of my life in French pharmacies. Avene is available in most Boots, and is typically great value for money. The French know how to make skin care, for astonishing prices. This is defined as soothing thermal water. It cools immediately, gives that extra clean feeling to the skin, and contains nothing irritating, or stripping.

This is a great product for Holidays as it can be used on Sunburn, so to any of you escaping this repulsive weather for Christmas or New Year try this whilst lounging around the pool. If you suffer from sensitised, irritated, or aggravated skin keep a bottle of this in the fridge and wip it out whenever you feel you may rip your skin off with your bare hands.  Give this product a try, use it post makeup application or just to freshen up during a hectic day. I am aware this post would be better suited to summer; I just couldn’t wait to share it. This is a lovely product. Not life changing but charming all the same. 


  1. I LOVE that spray! People make fun of my because I'm pretty much paying for water, but the AVENE spray feels great.

  2. It's thermal water haha or at least that's what they say :) x

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