Monday, 13 December 2010


Pitiful as this may sound, I cannot help but purchase any MAC limited edition pink lip product. It’s ludicrous, and it is about time it stopped! I am so fed up with handing over my money for a shade that is often identical to every other pink MAC creates.  To be frank, lately I have felt entirely uninspired by MAC, nothing they yield seems to be ‘special’ anymore. Maybe they have run out of ideas. I am really debating with the notion of a MAC boycott; to try and regain some of the passion I once felt about their range. I am not questioning the quality of the makeup, and I will continue to use and adore all of my MAC products. I am just uninterested with the current selection. I also feel my purse could do with a break, since if I know about an upcoming collection, I research it until I am blue in the face, and of course purchase far too much of it. So for a while my blog will be collection, and perhaps Mac free. I think I may focus more on drug store brands; and try to discover some little gems for you all.

Any way on to my thoughts of the Pink for Friday lip colour. As if my previous paragraph didn’t already show my subjective thoughts. I hate this lipstick! Hate, hate, hate it! It is just a duplicate for sooooo many other lip products. It does not stand out from the crowd, can you see a variance between the three shades in the picture below? And in my personal opinion it does not epitomize Niki Minaj’s personality.  It is a cool pink; that is all. The satin formula is drying, and difficult to wear. The coolness does me no favours, and in my personal opinion it is a shade better suited for the summer months, ridiculous considering its release date. When I think of Niki Minaj, I envision a dark purple or bright Lilac; something unique, something out there, and something that slots perfectly into the niche fashions she adorns.  

I’m sorry for the negativity oozing from this post; I just feel an overwhelming disappointment in the latest MAC offerings. As an avid MAC collector it pains me to say this……………… MAC take a leaf out of Illamasqua's book. I think that MAC needs to gain some spirit and give us all what we want. Sensational, DISTINCTIVE products. 


  1. i'm so disappointed by the new mac products recently.. !
    it's just like if they have already created all shades possible ! all new things are just so similar to their previous collections -_-

    but i guess that the girls who are not mac addicts and who don't own much make up will be very happy with this "brand new" color !

    thanks for sharing !


  2. That is a really good point Lily, that has made me feel a little better. I guess that it's just avid collectors such as ourselves who are feeling disappointed with Macs latest goodies. I think some time apart may make my heart grow fonder. It feels like a break up!

  3. Hey, loved this post and i have to agree. I decided not to rush out and buy this mainly because i have similar from mac and dont really think i would wear it that much. Its been hard not to at least try and get it with it being limited edition but at this time of year i have alot of other things to buy and as you said its just not differant enough to thier other offerings.
    steph xox

  4. Thanks Steph, it's a waste of money... good choice! I am proud of you for resisting the urge! x

  5. I love to see blogs like this! Most people only talk about how amazing something is and its getting a bit tedious to read over and over again. Thanks to you, I will not be rushing out to buy this lipstick! My purse is needing a break! :D

  6. I don't like it! I'm putting my foot down on this one and I don't care if it's limited edition! It's such a terribly unflattering color. Aside from that, I don't appreciate MAC making their fans jump through hoops just to get this since it's released for only four consecutive Fridays. It's not worth it.

  7. I'm glad ive stopped you buying this! And Katie i totally agree with you about macs treatment of customers. Discontinuing, repromoting etc nightmare!

  8. I actually wanted the lipstick but after seeing this post and having both saint germain and all styled up lipstick. Im gonna have to pass. Thank for the rant you saved me some money. lol!!

  9. ahhh i love mac!! these colours are gorgeous!

  10. Hmmmm their nice, but identical x

  11. I like this color but its def a dupe for like every pink mac has to offer in the past.

    Im following you, it helps me with my no buys :P


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