Thursday, 23 December 2010


A little TLC never did any harm

I love looking after my skin. I don’t find removing my makeup after a long day taxing in anyway; in fact I find it soothing. There is nothing more satisfying than eradicating every morsel of makeup and all the negativity that said day may have entailed.
Like I have said before; being gentle matters. I am not one to use stripping, or astringent products; such products have left my skin in worse shape than ever. That is why this week’s Spot Army post entails my top three gentle cleansers.

I cherish and use all three of these cleansers; dependent upon my mood, and of course the amount of makeup I have applied.  All of these cleansers will improve your skin no end. I have troublesome skin, and struggle greatly to give my skin type a label. These products will suit all skin types, and my motto is the same no matter what your skin is like; use a gentle cleanser ladies. No I won’t shut up until you have thrown that Clearasil away!

Kiehl’s ultra-cleanser
Price- £16.50
Firstly let me start by praising this company as a whole!  I adore this product house; the staff, the ETHOS, the community spirit, It’s a great establishment and I love buying, and using so many of their products. If like me you are fortunate enough to have a Kiehl’s counter near you, pay them a visit. Who doesn’t want to use a product from a company whose values are like this?
“Ingredients are the single most important component of our products, and we at Kiehl’s have always proudly displayed ours.”

This is a charming cleanser. It foams up for those of you who like a bit of lather. From time to time I do, I sometimes feel that lather equals cleanliness sillyI know, but psychologically I need it.  I have read so many reviews of Cetaphil stating it doesn’t clean the skin, or remove makeup sufficiently; I personally love Cetaphil but can appreciate such complaints. If you are looking for a cleanser as gentle as Cetaphil but with a gel like, lathery consistency this is your best bet! This will dissolve oil and makeup effortlessly.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
Price- £13
This is a wonderful product; I have often blabbered on about my admiration for this, the best kept beauty secret. If you are looking for a rich, creamy, naturally active cleanser this is the one! Do not except any imitations; they seem to appear every week.

This will remove every trace of makeup from your skin, leaving it nourished, and squeaky clean. I often use this as a pre cleanse, removing every scrap of slap from my eyes, face and neck before moving on to phase two; often entailing the aforementioned Kiehl’s.

I would highly recommend this for dryer skins, although as I previously stated these are great for everyone! Now throw away that baby oil you use to remove heavy makeup, and grab yourself some of Liz, she’s a bloody genius!

Eau Thermale Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser
Price- £7.83 

This is the best value for money of the three. This is not unanticipated, as any skin care junkies will know that French skin care is a cut above the rest, and is largely well priced. This is the most comparable to Cetaphil. It has the same consistency, so if you need lather this isn’t going to be for you. 

This is a beautiful product to use. If you suffer from any sensitivity, this will be perfect. It will not aggravate or irritate your skin in anyway; if anything it will soothe and calm any inflamed areas. Eczema sufferers, give this a whirl.

This is available in Boots; I highly recommend you try this, and other products from the range. They will pop up in future Spot Army posts that’s for sure. I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin since taking the plunge and sampling this companies offerings.

Tresonics skin system/ Clarisonic Mia
I tend to use my Tresonic or Clarisonic 2-3 times a week alongside any one of these cleansers. I would encourage you all to add a sonic cleanser to your skincare regime.  Take a look at my Tresonic post; a great replica of the Clarisonic.  

Gentle products really do help to calm spot prone skin; after all what is acne if not irritated, sensitised skin. Using soothing products such as these will calm any redness redness and inflammation experienced during a break out.  

Get your skin on the right track for New Year! My New Year’s resolution is to get my skin in such good condition, that going makeup free is a delight rather than a fear!

I hope this post was helpful to those of you dealing with troublesome skin like myself; and even for you fortunate enough to have flawless skin, these may be worth a look anyway.

I apologise for the picture quality, I'm staying at my mums for Christmas and the lighting here is pretty poor. 

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa Is good to you all xxxx


  1. this is such a great blog post! i have been debating changing my skin routine as i've stuck with the same stuff i had since i was 15! tho only problem is that i have no idea what to try and i have sensitive skin so i worry about changing. i was looking at both the liz earle and kiehl's cleanser and your review really helped =) thanks hun!xx

  2. I might give the Kiehl's a try. I've been using the Neutrogena one but it's not doing anything really. It's nice but I need to see more results.
    I'm using a new (for me) toner from Botanics that has some Amazonian clay and I've seen a massive improvement, especially on my blemishes.

  3. @starsthatglitter Glad to help :) any of these will be great for your sensitive skin x

  4. Oh mercedes that sounds interesting maybe I should try that too, you should try the kiehls it's a lovely product x

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