Saturday, 22 January 2011


 I think that the above quote is unquestionably true! It doesn't matter how much attention a certain shade acquires; if you don’t suit it, it just isn't an amazing product. I have found this with so many popular cult shades, for instance Nars Orgasm; such an awful shade on me!

Though my blush collection is quite healthy, I had in recent weeks found myself hovering over my drawer, struggling with what shade to choose. I know it’s a trivial decision; but for us makeup lover’s blush is crucial, it finishes the look; or ruins it! I have become much fairer in recent months; maybe the absence of a holiday last year is the culprit. Pale as I might be; I'm embracing it, and relishing being an almost porcelain shade! Colours that would once have made no impact on my skin, now add a natural sheen. I needed some softer tones within my blush collection, so armed with Lisa Eldridge’s recommendations I made my way to Chanel.

I love the size of their collection; it’s not overwhelming, yet there is something for everyone. I sampled a few of the offerings, and quickly fell in love with Pink Explosion. It’s a unique shade, and I can honestly say I haven’t got anything like it within my collection. It adds just the right amount of sheen to the apple of the cheek, and the right amount of colour too. After falling for this shade I was about to seek the sales assistants attention, when Rose Petal caught my eye, in the grip of anticipation concerning Pink Explosion I had overlooked this darling, subtle pink. Once I swatched it, it had to be mine!

I love the quality of these blushers; they are creamy to the touch, and beautifully milled. They are an indulgence, but well worth it in my opinion. Even the brushes are beautifully crafted. I never use the applicators provided in any product; but can honestly say I'm considering making full use of these little cuties. 

So there you have it, a new relationship formed, with Chanel blushers. Watch this space I think the Tweeds are calling my name!


  1. i had a look at the blushers last time i went out, its a shame that i couldnt afford to splurge on them at the time but i will definitely get one next time i get paid, the two colours you have look really nice.

    harriet x

  2. Rose Petal looks so nice. I'm sure Pink Explosion will suit you but I can tell it will look horrible on me. I was hoping to see a photo of you using them. Maybe next time.
    Have a fab weekend.

  3. You should splurge harriet they're beaut x

  4. If it means enough to you I'll put a swatch on just for you as your comments always make me smile mercedes x

  5. I agree these blushes are worth the money. I have rose petal and i already hit pan. I love love Chanel. Thanks for sharing i will check out the other color in store soon :-)

  6. I am afraid to swatch anything from Chanel because I know I will have to buy it :). I love both blushes, especially pink explosion.


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