Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bokeh Dreams

I have loved having my camera over the last week. I never knew that the right equipment could literally transform your images. I always thought that technique’s such as Bokeh were for professionals. I anticipated it to be extremely tedious, but it’s not its really easy, and FUN! I have been playing with fairy lights, candles and headlights; discovering fairy lights give the most pleasing results.

I thought I would share my results so far. For a first attempt I’m pretty chuffed. I may invest in a Bokeh kit from somewhere; but for now simple DIY filters will suffice.

All images taken using a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.
Aperture f1.8
Iso 100

Hope you enjoy. 


  1. These are gorgeous - how did you do them?


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  2. SO prettyyyyy, I really wanna give it a shot but I only have a crappy camera :) Ahh I love looking at these!

  3. Love it! I never heard of that technique.
    I've been downloading a few photography apps on my phone and it's amazing how you can do relatively "professional looking images" with a phone camera.
    can't wait to get one of those cameras.

  4. Thanks girls. It's really simple Stacey you just place a piece of black card with a shape cut into the middle infront of your lense. Use the smallest f number and an iso of around 100. Then you switch to manual focus and send the fairy lights out of focus and there you have it. X

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  6. They are gorgeous! I love the butterflies one the most! Oh I noticed you are from newcastle, are you going to the north east bloggers meet up in Durham next week? Hope you do that would be fab hun =D xx

  7. Ooh I didn't no about it to be honest, thanks so much x

  8. thats so cool! i never knew you could do stuff like this with cameras!

  9. You should try it Jess :) great way to stop boredom!

  10. That is genuinely amazing! So, so interesting. Love the effect of it x

  11. Thanks for following my blog :) I'm now following yours too its fab! And love these effects you've created! I'm dying to get a DSLR x

  12. love these pictures so pretty
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