Sunday, 23 January 2011


Yesterday saw the purchase of a long ogled at item.  This blog has helped nourish a little photography passion. I have found learning about it fascinating, and plan on enrolling on courses to develop my knowledge further.  Of course you can’t capture the images you want to with a point and shoot camera, such as my Fugi s1900. I therefore splashed out and swallowed hard at the till, for a Canon 550D, or in America the Canon T2I. I can’t wait to improve the images on this blog, hopefully you’ll all notice a difference. I love this camera so far, I can’t believe how fantastic the images are. It’s simple to use, even for a relative amateur, perfect for beginners. I’ll share my progress with you; hopefully I’ll improve all the time. Many tips and tricks I learn along the way will be shared; and vice versa if you know something you think will help me, please, please share!

Happy Sunday everyone x 


  1. I can only dream of a pro camera but could never afford one. Instead, for my birthday, my parents got me a Fujifilm 14mp digital camera. Although just a normal digital, the photos are great. x

  2. Went threw your pictures and you can see the difference !!! Have phone having a digital camera is amazing I have a cannon myself


  3. Did you take the photos of the blushes with this camera? I have to say..they were amazing and it surprised me how well you could see the texture.
    I will definitely buy one at some point.

  4. Yeh I did Mercedes, I'm so impressed by it honestly! All photos without flash too :) x

  5. I hope to get a DSLR when I know enough about photography but at this point in time I don't think my skills will do it justice!

    Your photos are fab though.

  6. Lucky you! I plan on purchasing the T2i very soon (within the next month or two).

  7. My friend has this camera and it is amazing! I love your photos anyway, good luck with this!:D

  8. love your blog!


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