Friday, 28 January 2011


I have been in search of the perfect portable palette for some time now. I often find that smaller palettes have one or two shades I like; leaving the choice limited, and me unable to take just that one palette with me. Whilst doing what I do best; passing time in Fenwick’s beauty department, I happened to swatch this palette. What struck me first was the texture of the shadows. I had failed to realise that the quality of Dior shadows is incredible! I had always compared them to Chanel; whose eyeshadows leave a lot to be desired in the colour pay off department.  Diors on the other hand, are creamy, smooth, and immensely pigmented. I found myself oohing and ahhing at the beauty of each shade within this little compact. I concluded that I had finally found my convenient palette and rushed to the till. 

So yesterday was my first try of these shades, and I decided to follow the instructions that accompany this beauty. The results were lovely. I adore each and every shade; and the eyeliner is an added bonus for me. This really will reduce the amount of makeup you have to tow around with you on short trips. Not only will it compact the amount of eyeshadows you need, but also brushes. This comes with 3 sponge tip applicators, and an angled eyeliner brush. I know sponge tips aren’t ideal; but if you really need to pack light; they’re perfect. I think that I will investigate Dior shadows further and let you know how I get on.

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  1. Love this.

  2. The color looks so versatile and springy. Do some looks with it. Would love to see it on you :)!


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