Sunday, 16 January 2011


Thanks to all those who entered my New Year give-away, it means a lot to me. I thoroughly enjoyed readying all of your tips and ticks, no matter how bizarre! 

I am delighted to announce that Abbi Beckwith is the well deserving winner! 

Here is her advice: 

"My tip may seem odd but it has actually changed my life, I battled with unreal greasy skin for months and months and looked like I had dipped my nose directly into a frying pan. I was trying mattifying skin product after product and had more cleaners for oily skin than you could ever hope to possess- all with no avail. With my make up sliding off my chin I trekked into a department store to take back an unwanted gift but could only exchange, not liking the brand particularly and having tried all of their products I opted for an ultra moisturising overnight mask just to try it out to say I had persisted with the brand. But surprisingly after one application, my face seemed to soak up the oil amazingly. I changed my moisturiser to a thicker repairing consistency rather than light and I would no longer say my skin type was combination oily. So my tip? If you have oily skin, try giving it moisture, maybe its your faces way of quenching its thirst by over producing oil. give it a drink and maybe it will show you some love. :D " 

This is an excellent piece of advice! I often use a hydrating mask or moisturiser when my skin feels a little on the dehydrated side!

Thanks again to everyone, especially to Liz Earle, for sponsoring this give-away.


  1. Thats a good tip :). Well done.

    Btw my sigma brush i won arrived the other day. I love it!


  2. Aww I am so glad! Maybe you can do a blog to show it off to us all x

  3. great advice! have to try it.xx

  4. Good tip!



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