Saturday, 8 January 2011

mac cham pale paint pot offerings

If you read my blog, you will be fully aware of my Paint Pot and all products that resemble Paint Pots fixation. I have a very compulsive personality particularly when it comes to makeup, and try as I might to shun this collection, I just couldn’t. I felt I ‘needed’ these two gems in my life; shameful I know as my eye products are overflowing, yet I still managed to convince myself that I’d make room. Pitiful as I feel, I’m glad I added these to my collection; as they are BEAUTiful.

Left- Chilled on IceAdd - Right Dangerous Cuvee.
Both of these Paint Pots could be worn alone or as a base. Chilled on ice could be used as a stunning highlight; or to add a subtle sheen to the lid. I really do adore both as to me, they are unique. Dangerous cuvee would be spectacular as a base for any silver Smokey eye; or as a wash of colour for a simple day or evening makeup. It has reflects of purple throughout, and is multifaceted and striking to look at.  Chilled on Ice is a beautiful Champaign gold, and again has many fascinating reflects running throughout.

I would highly encourage you to treat yourself, and have a selfish splurge on one; or both of these charms. I am sure they won’t be around for long. I cannot liken either to any of Mac’s previous Paint Pot offerings, and sense you would feel like the cat that got the cream when you applied these for the first time!
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  1. these colours look amazing! im so glad i picked up two paint pots from this collection. i love the bit of sparkle too =) xx

  2. Dangerous Cuvee looks stunning, and though I tend to shy away from limited edition products, I might actually pick up this one.

  3. Stunning colors! I haven't check out this collection at the stores yet. Think I should soon..colors are really pretty! Thanks for the swatch..

  4. I might get the purple looks lovely. We'll see.
    I just gave you an award on my blog! :-)

  5. Love these colour, great blog

  6. those are gorgeous!! so pretty..I wish I was into pp...but I am addicted to too many other I guess I will be ok

  7. Lovely colours, i'm kind a jealous! (((:
    wanna follow my blog?

  8. Both are gorgeous. I picked up chilled on ice, but found that it made my eyelids look really wrinkely so I took it back :(

  9. I'm with Jen W! I love the smokiness of Dangerous Cuvee! Love your blog too :) gave you a follow. Thanks for all the interesting posts so far!

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  10. We all have our little indulgences. Life would be boring without them. Enjoy your metallic shimmer.

  11. gosh i wish i hadnt skipped on these now x

  12. @funnyfacebeauty I'm sorry to here you didn't like chilled on ice, I love it it's so subtle.

    Thanks for your commets girlies x

  13. great post!! I like your blog! amazing...

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