Thursday, 13 January 2011


Hello spot fighters, it is your captain speaking. Its been a funny old week, had stress galore and therefore those pesky spots have been lurking on the horizon, never more than a meltdown away from breaking the surface. After the Christmas break my efforts have been focused on finding a masque which could hold the fort and keep the little (or in many cases gigantic) cretins at bay. I am pleased to announce there is nothing more relaxing than kicking back with a hot chocolate (loaded with marshmallows & squirty cream), sprawling on my amazing new satin bedding, and letting a face masque do the hard work in the skin department. It’s such a relief knowing that I will be stepping into a New Year feeling as though I am in control of the beast that is spot hell. I know for many of you, like me, over indulgence in both naughty treats and copious amounts of alcohol to welcome in the coming year in style has led to a few nuisance zits, but thankfully they are not from the ‘im going to take residence on your face, and make myself comfy for the remainder of the year’ family. Give them a little shove, and they usually run off cowering in no time. Anyway regardless of the brood from which your spot sprouted, here are some masques that should blast away those hideous violations of beauty:

LIZ EARLE BRIGHTENING MASK [50ml Pump Starter Kit]- £13.00
Well, its another Liz Earle product, No doubt your really starting to get a sense of how much this Brand is an essential in my life. Here is another must have product from the wonder woman herself. The Brightening mask is something for those of you who like to feel results as they happen. Immediately after application all those little facial cells seem to buzz to the surface and bounce around refreshing themselves in excitement of the treats being smothered across them. It’s a fast acting little beauty too, 2 minutes and jobs a good’un, work done, brightening success. Chinese Camphor has the power to encourage the blood vessels to widen, bringing more blood to the area, hence the refreshing tingling sensation experienced. This effect does not last very long, but that little boost brings extra nutrients to the surface and really does make you feel more awake. So, 2 minutes, makes you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed, and illuminates the skin. I’d say perfect early morning wake-up call wouldn’t you?

To enhance the true benefit of the kaolin clay and achieve the fuzzy warming effect this mask has to be applied to wet skin, a smallish blob does the trick with this baby. The mask itself is a thick grey colour with the texture of runny clay, and smells like you have stuck your head in the ground, maybe improve on the sensory experience body shop please. However short term it may be, the initial warming feeling is amazing on these cold winter mornings, or evenings after a long day in the treacherous conditions. The mask does turn quite stick-tastic and doesn’t dry as you’d expect a mask to; so therefore it is fairly difficult to remove. However, after rinsing with warm water I found that the mask had left my skin feeling more smooth and subtle. The mask doesn’t carry a hefty price tag so it would definitely be a reasonable option for long-term weekly use. Also, as vile as this concept may be, it gives a really deep cleanse, and opens the pores, so if those spots need a little squeeze then this one certainly preps them for optimum popping results. Kevin and Perry Go-Large ring any bells?

ORIGINS 10 MINUTE OUT OF TROUBLE MASK [100ml]- £17                             
You can literally feel your skin drinking this one up. I noticed a visible difference immediately in my skin from the minute the mask was removed. Loss of moisture is the biggest culprit for taxing the skin, and making it dry and haggard looking well this is just a smothering white mask of amazing wonder which counteracts these issues. From the eucalyptus scent to the rich thick consistency, this is by far my favourite mask potentially of all time. As for the spots? It immediately removes all redness, and leaves any dryness in the surrounding areas soft as a baby's behind.

This one is fantastic for anyone on a budget, although the consistency of the cream doesn’t quite compare to the others, the effects aren’t at all bad. Maybe a drug store hidden gem, if you wade past the artificial fragrance, questionable texture and difficulties in removing; its a good cheap and cheerful alternative. The inflammation of any breakout is reduced fairly efficiently. However this feels like a game of catch up. I get the feeling that this one wants to be everything that the others are, its trying its best, but it's lagging somewhat. However, on a positive note, 150ml for £4, who am i to complain?

I have reviewed this one in the past so I'm not going to go through the monotony of it all again, Splat it on, look like Shrek, have a breather....what spots?

It is a well known secret; that if your skin is suddenly oily, it may be due to dehydration; and simply your skin reacting in sheer panic, to the sudden lack of natural moisture. A simple cure is to indulge your skin with some nourishment; in the form of this little treat. This is definitely worth every penny. Only downside, try sleeping at night with a bunch of stimulating fruit at the end of your nose, maybe lavender would have been a more calming evening scent, but non the less it is a true delight, and works terrifically. 

Hope you found this useful! 


  1. fantastic in depth review, might have to try a few of these!

  2. I love the Liz Earle Deep cleansing mask but now I am tempted by the Origins 10 minute out of trouble one! Great post! x


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