Thursday, 20 January 2011

SPOT ARMY- The Power of Dermablend.

Dermablend was once an exclusive product, accessible only to makeup artists. Thanks to Vichy its exceptional results can be attained by all, making it a far more inclusive brand. When you suffer from spots, blemishes or scarring, foundation alone may not always be enough. I often look in the mirror once in daylight, and immediately feel conscious of the imperfections still visible even after my daily makeup application. I have recently begun to incorporate Dermablend into my makeup regime.

Dermablend allows you to apply a very thin foundation base, in my case Clinique Anti Blemish (review coming soon). Using Dermablend rather than foundation to conceal acne or the scars left behind, allows you to wear and use less. This is the ideal product for acne prone girls still needing to face the judgemental world everyday. The majority of my skin is clear, pale, and free from pigmentation; I therefore want to prevent a wash of colour. If you apply a thick layer of foundation, the longevity is reduced, the natural radiance from your skin is lost, and a cakey effect is often caused gradually becoming worse throughout the day.  I have been seeking a luminous finish from my makeup, using no foundation around my eye area, instead opting for a brightening concealer such as; Touché Eclait or Clinique’s equivalent. I apply Dermablend using my Mac 227 brush, using a flicking motion leaving the majority of the product on the blemish, and thinning out around the surrounding skin. A little goes a long way with this product, so be careful, and ensure you apply sparingly. I then use the setting powder from the range, mainly focusing on the areas that have required a little help. This is a lovely powder. It is finely milled; and comparable with Mac's Prep and Prime; however I prefer this cheaper alternative.

Using Dermablend as a concealer, rather than foundation creates a ‘no makeup’ effect; even in daylight. The lack of cakey foundation, can trick others into believing your skin is bright, and luminous without heavy use of products. Not only does Dermablend tackle blemishes and spots; but also magically evens out skin texture, therefore making it ideal for concealing scars. On the pictures of my model Abbi , you can see a scar above her right eyebrow. With a small amount of product I was able to dramatically improve both the tone, and texture of this scar; something she feels self-conscious about on a daily basis.

I think Abbi deserves a round of applause; not only for appearing makeup free, but also as she is recovering from a nasty bug. She also wants to highlight her eyebrows, and the lack of taming they have received. I have tried to convince her that big brows are in; so failing that lets show some support. I hope this post shows what a little makeup can achieve, it's not all about perfection; rather increasing self confidence, and reducing self conciousness.

The images used are unedited, and taken without flash in natural daylight. I have included images of the products I used on her cheeks (Mac Springsheen blush) and of course the aforementioned Clinique foundation, and eye brightening concealer.

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  1. Yep, this one's been my favourite foundation for 2010 I think!
    After I posted my before and after photos a lot of people were convinced that Vichy is the new best friend.
    this product delivers!!
    your skin looks beautiful even without any foundation I have to say.

  2. I agree, it really delivers. It's my friend, I'm sure she'll love your compliment x

  3. omg that really looks amazing.if evened out your skin so much and it looks so great. Where I can I get some?

  4. It's available from boots In the uk, If you go to the dermablend website they give a variety of sellers x

  5. I always find foundation the absolute worst thing to wear when my skin is bad or spotty so I'm not sure this would be a product for me :\

  6. I have to say, I saw a significant change. It really did conceal her scar. It's rare to find products that have good coverage like this.

    My aunt is a Dermatologist and she actually recommends this foundation to her acne prone patients.

  7. It really doesn't cake on breakouts so I think you would enjoy this product :) it's like live air brushing haha! Thanks for commenting girls x


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