Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I have been an avid watcher of the Rachel Zoe project for a while now. I love the drama, the clothes, and most importantly the jewellery. I will often admire her husband’s gold goodies from time to time. I sit there in sheer admiration, with a hint of envy. I of course could never afford most of the pieces she adorns; I mean how much Chanel can one person have! I know this post is materialism central, so I do apologise. I am a girl who just loves ‘things’. Shopping makes me happy! I love dainty gold necklaces, and big clumpy gold watches, so Rachel Zoe is the ideal role model for me! She is just ‘major’ in my eyes.

With my admiration for Rachel Zoe, and at one stage Taylor; I was delighted when Laura from @lollipop26 discovered a replica of the beautiful sideways cross worn by the reckless blonde. I was smitten from first the first encounter. The sideways cross was only the beginning though. Over the past few months I have collected a few more timeless pieces from this exquisite jewellery designer. Theresa really does go that extra mile when it comes to detail. Each piece is intricately made to order, and carefully sent to the waiting receiver. Her designs ooze subtle sex appeal; and sit in the hollow of the neck (if you want them longer she’ll be only too happy to adjust the length) one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s décolleté. You can find both gold filled and solid gold pieces in her Etsy shop called Classic Designs . The gold is beautiful, and catches the light adding a warm aura to the neck.

I cannot get enough of her jewellery. It’s perfectly crafted, and will effortlessly transcend the trends. So go grab yourself a chic, timeless piece of jewellery from a really lovely lady. 

So thanks Theresa I'm one happy shopper! 


  1. unhealthy obsession? more like brilliant obsession! x


  2. I want all of those, well I have the sideways cross, but want the rest so much <3

  3. All the pieces are beautiful. I think its a healthy obsession because they are worth it ;-)

  4. I have a necklace with my initial on it from Theresa Mink. Love it :)

  5. These pieces are gorgeous, especially love the sideways cross necklace!

  6. Best blog perfect for my collection, so i follow

    Just come and see



  7. Thanks Danielle. Will do Adam :)


Thanks for your comment :)