Monday, 21 February 2011


Lately my hair had been feeling so BLAH. I don’t mean to brag, but I have very consistent hair. It doesn't dry out, it doesn't frizz; it simply always remains the same.  My hair is fine, but in abundance, naturally wavy, but easily straightened, and most importantly shiny and soft. I had been using Bed Heads Brilliant Brunette, and honestly thought that it was my Holy Grail shampoo and conditioner. I loved everything; the packaging, the size of the product, and the scent. I never imagined that it would cause such havoc for my tresses.  Over the period of a few days my hair went from shiny, and soft to dull, and full of greasy residue. Even with my fine hair, I had never experienced such a product build up; it was disgusting!  I didn't know what to do; I contemplated buying Aussies daily shampoo, but opted for an alternative.

I went to lush in need of hair salvation. The girl who served me knew exactly what I needed; she had very similar hair texture to mine, and told me of her unrelenting love for this product.  The product in question is Big, a beautiful, albeit bizarre shampoo.  If like me you have never tested the waters of Lush shampoo’s you will most certainly question the consistencies. I was stunned at the exfoliator like texture and appearance of this shampoo. At first I was a little wary; but decided to put my faith in this lovely girl, and take the leap. Whilst I was there she convinced me to try a small bottle of the Veganese conditioner. Again she said it was ideal for fine hair, as it was light and would not leave my hair weighed down and full of residue.

I almost ran to the bathroom when I got home, desperate to wash out the gunk that was in my hair. I was stunned at the lather created by Big, it really is like a chemical reaction on your head! I love it, the scent is strange but lovely all at the same time. The consistency is unlike any shampoo I’ve tried, yet refreshing and deeply cleansing! The sea salt within this shampoo is what does the ‘stripping’ down of the residue and nasty build-up left behind by most other shampoos and conditioners. It leaves your hair feeling ‘squeaky’ clean if you know what I mean.

I can also report that the condition is charming too. A little bit goes a long way, and leaves your hair smelling lovely and citrusy.

I would highly recommend both products. They have returned my hair to its natural state, and made me a very happy girl. I was beginning to feel super self-conscious with my weighed down locks!  

Thanks for reading girls. 


  1. I love Lush's hair products too.. My fave is I Love Juicy.
    Have tried Big as well - and it was lovely, created lots of oomph and gave me shiny hair :)


  2. I've tried the above condition but always seems to leave my hair a bit ikky afterwards - perhaps i'm using too much. Their I love juicy shampoo works wonders though.

  3. lush is amazing!! i really need to try some of their hair products!! thanks for the review!

  4. the girl told me to use the tiniest ammount Rachael it's so light that I'm suprised it left any residue behind it's worked great on my hair.

    No problem @mztoots x

  5. I'm definitely going to try this! great review xx

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