Monday, 7 February 2011


Yes ladies I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing reviews on Coastal Scents palettes, and you’re probably surprised to find such a product on my blog; but I simply felt I had to put my two cents forward. This is a product that until recently had found itself lying dormant in the back of my eye ‘stuff’ drawer. I felt no connection; or bond with this upon first investigation. It was simply a splurge; a moment of weakness, provoked by You tubers.

I am an eye shadow girl, and usually always find the extra five minutes needed for some quickie blending.  I have an array of eye shadows from every brand imaginable; but can genuinely say that my Mac palettes are usually what I reach for first. I have so many fool proof Mac combinations that even meandering away from my eye makeup rut feels daunting; hence why this product was overlooked for so long.

If you’re a British lady; forking out for the shipping of a coastal scents palette appears extravagant, and for a long time I regretted falling for the ‘hype’ and urged myself to evade cult buys.  This was until Friday of last week. As I peeked into my overflowing drawer of eye makeup, I heard a product of some form fall to the floor. As I reluctantly bent down to pick it up, I realised that the coastal scents palette had made a break for it; it had jumped a from a substantial height in a desperate final attempt to be noticed. I therefore had to give it a chance, and do you know what? I’m glad I did. 

This is such a versatile product; with countless eye shadow combinations awaiting discovery. The pigmentation is great, as is the consistency. I really have nothing negative to say about the product on the whole. There is something for everyone; both neutral lovers and colour lovers alike. Does this mean I am interested in investing in more coastal scents…..? Absolutely not. This is a great buy; it’s value for money, and offers you all you could ever need. That’s why having more than one seems extravagant. I have far too much as it is, I’m just grateful that this will not be another item destined for the bin. 

I hope that my images demonstrate the quality and texture of the shadows; and allows you Brits to decide for yourselves if the product is worthy of the hefty shipping price.

Do you have any coastal scents palettes? How do you feel about them? Let us all know and divulge in the comment box below. 


  1. I know the range of colours in one palette makes it such a good buy x

  2. Thats gorgeous :)
    <3 your blogg babez
    izzy x

  3. awww thanks Izzy that very kind :) x

  4. I have that palette!! I LOVED IT!! I actually use it alot. It does tend to have a lil bit of fall out. But, since i do my eyes before i do foundation. I have no problem. Plus with all the colors that it has ur color combos are endless.

  5. I actually want to get this one and they new mirage one :)thanks for pics!!

  6. I have 2 CS eyeshadow palettes and I love them. I've had the matte one for a few years and it's my favorite palette, I use it a lot. I got the shimmer one a few months ago and it too is nice, though I haven't gotten around to playing with it much yet. I'm more a matte gal ;)
    I'd love to try the metal one, and they've even come out with 2 new ones (Prism and Mirage) since; but like you, I can't see the practicality of having more than one, or two in my case lol.
    I absolutely love their concealer palette, though. <3

  7. I've never tried any of their other products before, don't temp me haha x

  8. Gorgeous colors and I love eyeshadows with metallic finish! :) x


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