Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I personally always felt that Boots No.7 was a brand more suited to the more mature woman. I therefore always seemed to ignore it, and peruse the other company’s offerings. I had tried the odd nail polish and received one or two Christmas gift sets from time to time; but never before had I personally explored this brand. That was until I was in my local (tiny) boots, buying female essentials, and dental floss. Don’t you love it after the dreaded trip to the dentist, you always promise to turn over a new leaf, and invest wholeheartedly in your oral hygiene. Who has time to floss? Me now of course!  

Anyway whilst doing some essential shopping, I paused at the little no.7 stand. I was surprised by some of the products. Especially the lip glosses. I dropped one into my basket, not really sure of what to expect. I also threw in a lip liner for good measure. The liner caught my eye, as it is my favourite shade; a nude pink. 

When I got home I decided to try them and was pleasantly surprised by both! The lip liner is smooth and easy to apply. It gives you the perfect natural, line which is easy to blend. The gloss is non-sticky, and goes great with said lip liner.  So there you have it a new everyday lip combination was born. It’s no fuss, no hassle just quick and easy. This is a combination that will go with any blush; and is perfect for minimal makeup days. I must also add that the tiny applicator on the gloss is fantastic! It makes applying gloss so much easier. 

Next time you’re in boots take a look!

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