Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Mac Mineralize skin finish natural- I have loved using this as a finishing powder. This gives such a natural finish, and at the same time adds a cheeky bit of extra coverage. PERFECT.

Mac Paintpots- These have always been a favourite of mine. I love the simplicity of them. They are so quick and effortless to apply; yet give such amazing looks with beautiful shades and depths.

Benefit Eyebright- I have been using this alongside my paint pots in the inner corner. This is a great product, it applies so smoothly and adds the perfect amount of brightening power to even the sleepiest eyes.

Maxfactor Masterpiece mascara- This is an old friend of mine. I had completely forgotten the love I felt towards this product. It applies beautifully creating both volume and length. In addition it allows you to get right to the root of those troublesome bottom lashes without making a mess! Highly recommend this classic!

Mac Highlighter Belightful- This is again an old favourite; lately I’ve been shopping my stash rather than spending! It’s amazing how many great products you find in your collection.

Lush Goodies- I have been relishing my recent lush purchases! Love them, what more can I say. They smell delicious and work great.

Marc Jacobs Daisy- As we move into spring, fragrance choices must change. I’m starting the adjustment process; moving from nightly, warm scents, to fresh floral aromas such as daisy. This gives added meaning to the saying ‘fresh as a daisy’.

Mac Angel- This is my all-time favourite lip stick; this never lets me down, and always makes me feel confident. If this was discontinued I really would feel lost! I could live without all my other shades, this is all I need I’ve decided.

Chanel Blush Pink Explosion- This goes great with Angel, and adds the perfect amount of pink goodness to the apples of my cheeks. I love Chanel Blushers so much; they are so easy to apply and almost impossible to go ‘overboard’ with.

What are your favourites this month?

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  1. The Marc Jacobs fragrance is Gorg! One of my friends just got Daisy as well... perhaps I'm next! :-D
    & Chanel l/s are the absolute best!
    Nice favorites! xx ;)

  2. great selection! i used to have Daisy too but my friend lost it when i borrowed her =_='''

    I did a favourites post on my blog too xoxo february hasn't been the month for makeup for me :(

  3. Daisy is one of my favorites too, it's just smells so springy! I love Lola as well, it's more sensual

  4. I agree Daisy is amazing! I never get bored of spraying its refreshing aroma! x

  5. I <3 this post :)
    Your blog looks so professional!
    Izzy x

  6. great faves honey love them all,I love Daisy perfume it was in my January faves its just beautiful..Need Angel lipstick

  7. You NEED Angel Sher, NEED, NEED, NEED it! x

  8. I LOOOVE MSFNs too! It's the perfect 'natural' finish!! :)

  9. I'm such an uber-fan of Lush! V. glad to see their name gaining popularity in the blogging world :)

    Jade, Chicisland.co.uk

  10. cute blog!


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