Thursday, 31 March 2011


Hi all, just a quick post from my sickbed. I thought I'd get your opinions on the dress, shoe, and bag choices I just made for my Grandads's 80th birthday in around 3 weeks. I won't be doing too much dancing however, recovery seems to be very slow! I will reveal whats wrong with me soon; in an in depth post. It will be a great way to get the warning messages out there, regarding the contraceptive pill. I mean I was a reasonably healthy 21 year old; now with what may be a life long condition. Anyway enough of the dreariness; take a look. Honest opinions girls! I was going for a classic look, that no elderly person could be offended by.

 Dress £45.00 - Topshop

  Shoes Sale from Aldo, Daisley style - £19.00!!!

 Bone clutch Aldo- £38.00 
I know that was short but sweet, I'm easing myself back into it! Let me know your opinions! 

Thanks for reading, 


  1. oh my godd!!!

    £19 for those shoes is incredible! x

  2. I know get on Aldo Elizabeth they are real leather too! x

  3. This dress is so...ethereal.... love the combo shoes-dress-clutch.

  4. I love the dress I would personally go for a peep toe show or a sandal heel (that sounds so old lol) hopefull get well soon xxx

  5. I really like the whole outfit, looks perfect for the occasion. The dress is beautiful very spring-like! Really sorry to hear what has happened, hope you are coping as best as possible and in minimal pain whatever it is that's happened. Thinking of you xx


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