Friday, 4 March 2011


If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have taken the time to read one of my spot army posts. This was a feature I ran alongside my desperate hunt for spot fighting products and ingredients. During this quest I discovered the Avene gentle cleanser; not designed for spot fighting, but for sensitised skin. Well what is acne if not distressed skin. This cleanser worked miracles for me, and I absolutely love it. I love it so much that I have repurchased it. It’s the one cleanser I own that used consistently will prevent me from breaking out. That was all great until I took a herbal tablet, which I was allergic to. Hello flared up skin! I broke out awfully in blisters, and it was not attractive!

I decided to see if my Avene products filled with Avene thermal water would help soothe, and settle my skin. I cannot put into words the difference this little idea made. Within hours the redness was subsiding and the sting was lessened. I then felt brave enough to apply a lotion; I opted for Oilatum Natural Repair. This is a product that my younger brother uses to treat his eczema, so I thought that it would be ideal for sensitised skin. I was correct, and the next day my face was dramatically improved. I wish I had taken photos to show you the astonishing pace at which these products calmed the situation. I am now firmly attached to these products, and can confirm that if the results continue to impress me as they have for the last month, that this will be my permanent skin care system.

(Proof that I've used one up!)
For those of you with oily skins thinking ‘that won’t work for me' try it, honestly, the products are so gentle that they are worth a try. My skin is oily/normal and I love the Oilatum. It is quite rich, yet absorbs remarkably fast. It doesn’t increase my shine throughout the day, and my makeup stays in place just as well.

I would highly recommend all of these products to everyone. All skin types! Give them a try. See if the best way for you is switching harsh chemicals and astringents for gentle, soothing products. You may be surprised by the results!

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  1. I'd love something to clear up my spots, definitely gonna give this a go! I've been meaning to look into Avene for a while now.


  2. I agree i love the Oilatum i have greesy skin and its great for me too! I may have to try the other products with it now!

    :) x

  3. Wow that sounds great! I really want to try Avene products

    I totally agree with using gentle products over harsh surfactants and astringents

  4. I am glad it was helpful for you :) I absolutely love Avene, it is so affordable and works amazing.

  5. I have normal/combination skin and I have the Oilatum - it has a cult following thanks to You Tube. The Avene Cleanance K exfoliator is good too - just better for oiler skins than mine I think.

    Your blog is so pretty!


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