Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hello ladies, another fly in post; I know, I know the road back to regular blogging is a long one, but I’ll get there! This week saw my granddads 80th birthday in Torquay, Devon. The flight from Newcastle knocked me, and meant that Saturday was a day spent in bed. I managed to put on a smile and a lot of under eye corrector, and show my face at my amazing granddads special day. It was a lovely evening; just watching him mingle was adorable. He’s so shy, and gets nervous when the cameras are about! Such a sweetie!!! Anyway here’s a little snap shot into my most coveted products.....

I thought that I would share with you my five most cherished beauty items; things that I just couldn’t cope without. These are always the items I carry with me on all trips, and some on a daily basis. If any of these items were discontinued, I would literally be stuck! They are simply irreplaceable and make my life that little bit brighter. So here we go:

1) Mac Angel Lipstick- this is my daily lip colour choice, I always have it with me everywhere I go; and keep one for my bag and one in my collection. I think that’s what highlights the importance of a product; when you feel the need to have safety in numbers! I only feel secure when I have a top up waiting in the wings.

2) Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss- I wear this over the top of Angel, and love the milky effect it creates. It’s not too sticky, and can be slapped on mirror free, without too much cause for concern.

3) By Terry Baume De Rose- This is a pricey product; but something that will now remain in my possession forever. Nothing seems to nourish my lips quite like it, and if I forget to apply it, I soon notice the difference. A beautiful cult product that has managed to win a place in my heart, and my makeup bag!

 4) Clinique Air brush concealer- This is a fantastic product; reasonably priced, and easy to get a hold of. This is the best under eye concealer I have ever used. It instantly brightens dark circles, and covers phenomenally without caking or sitting in the delicate skin of the eye area. This is a product that I could no longer live without!

5) Nars Penny Lane cream Blusher- this is my favourite blush colour of all time! It’s so natural. It gives you a dewy glow that seems to radiate from within, that is what we all seek, and is so easily achieved with this simple little product. It’s no frills, no fuss, and sheer brilliance!

Now seeing as I've been away for so long, I thought I'd do a mini Clinique Haul too. I picked up two products as their beauty bonus gift is currently available. I have always wanted to try their cleansing balm, as I love anything clever that becomes a nourishing oil once on your skin. This is a genius little product, that cuts through waterproof mascara and lippy like nothing I have ever tried before. I love the fact that the product blurb includes the word tenacious; that had me sold! This is definitely worth a look; I mean look at that thick, creamy texture! I will do a full review in a few weeks, once I know the true results.

I also picked up the Rinse of cleansing mousse; this has also wowed me so far. The lather created from a pea sized amount is amazing; and truly pampering. This is what I would call a luxurious cleanser without the huge price tag! I picked this up for just over £12.

I just thought I'd share with you the love of my life, Henry. He's my moody Tom cat who I just love! He's so photogenic! can we have a round of awwwwwww!

I hope you are all well, and had a lovely Easter,

Share your favorite products with us all too!

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  1. I love the clinique balm cleanser it's gorgeous, when I finish this I'm thinking of trying the mouse :) Henry is just adorable :) xx

  2. Aww bless your grandad! :) I was wondering how you apply your Penny Lane, because I find NARS cream blushers to be so much harder than MAC ones. I don't own either, but I can see myself applying MAC ones with my finger, whereas I feel like I'd HAVE to have a brush for NARS..

  3. I have been using the mousse after the balm, to get that squeaky clean feel! I know dirty eyes and all he's a love x

  4. Honestly Yu I would recommend Nars a thousand times over! Mac cream blushers are famous for causing breakouts! I can't use them as they are one of the few makeup items that really aggravates my skin! I use either a stippling brush such as the Mac 130, or a my angled top kabuki f84 by Sigma. They both work great! if not you could even use an angled blush brush, they apply really easily x

  5. I want that Penny Lane blush! Your description of it has me sold. And I love your kitty cat!!

  6. This is kind of sad, the first thing I was about to type is "I need your cat".

    Despite claiming to be beauty obsessed I am clearly more cat obsessed.


  7. HAHA me too! there is no shame in loving such a beaut as Henry! He's what we call SMART or Totty!

  8. I really want to get Nars Penny Lane, it looks like a gorgeous colour!

    Awwww your cat is so gorgeous!!!!

    Gem x

  9. The cleansing balm looks lovely, the texture looks amazing! I'll have to check it out x

  10. Awwww thanks Gem, you really should try Penny Lane. Ir's perfect for daytime and spring/ summer! x

  11. Glad to help Gaby, I'd definitely recommend you try it!

  12. AWWW!! Henry is a very handsome kitty :) I love seeing pet photos on blogs and always slip in a few on mine hehe

    I really want to try Turkish Delight gloss. I love NARS glosses, they're amazing aren't they?

  13. Awww thanks Jen, I love Nars glosses especially Turkish delight. Treat yourself! X

  14. your cat i a real beauty *.*

    xoxo ,bia.

  15. Aw hope you had a nice time at your Grandad's birthday it sounds like a lovely day, and isn't Henry such a little cutie? Hope you had a great Easter :) x

  16. Can't wait until your full review on the cleansing balm, I love the idea of it xx


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