Sunday, 22 May 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shines

I apologise for my lack of postings. This week has not been the best health wise, and I have just not felt like looking at a computer screen. I have also had a lot of uni work to catch up with after my time off. I promise that when I am at the other side of all this I will resume a regular blogging pattern. I plan on doing my home tour next weekend, so look out for that. I also want to hold another giveaway for you all, so give me some ideas; maybe I should let you choose the prize? Within reason girls!

Anyway this review is of the new (ish) lip products from Chanel; the Rouge Coco Shines. Now to start with I was underwhelmed by this collection, I was extremely excited to pick some up at duty free only to swatch and feel disappointment at the colour pay off.  I only stumped up the £22.50 for the colour ‘Boy’ after so many people were raving about it. Once I had one, and loved it! I had to try more.

Now these are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination; but they are such a treat, and a luxurious addition to anyone’s makeup routine. I love the Mac Lustres for day time such as Angel, and Lazy Day, but am easily bored by the same mundane lip products, so was delighted to find that these fit the ‘daily’ lip product void perfectly.

They are sheer, yet moisturising, and add a natural shine to the lips. They make your lips look like a better version of themselves.

If you can afford the splurge I would highly recommend them. I would say opt for Evasion as it is my favourite of the three, although I simply couldn’t choose between evasion or chance so was treated to them both, happy days!

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  1. great review, i have no 46 'liberte' but yet to use just looks so pretty and perfect! you chose lovely colours! xx

  2. They look really pretty! I want Chance now!

  3. Those look gorgeous! Hm maybe some sleek or barry m for a giveaway? Because we don't have those in the US :)

  4. I have Evasion and I love it! It's the perfect color for summer, can't wait to buy more of Coco Shines! Boy looks pretty too!

  5. Oooo these look very summery xx


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