Monday, 27 June 2011

Hair Products I cannot live without.

It’s as simple as this; these products make my life easier. They turn bedhead hair into manageable, presentable tresses in a few short steps. I actually believe that with some of these products, the necessity to use heat is lost. Having recently gone from dark brown to dark blonde recently; this lack of heat has been a god send.  I have been using lots of restorative treatments, and if anything my hair is better condition than before.  

I have continually repurchased all of these products; the Trevor Sorbie heat spray for the last four years. This is by far the best heat protective spray available, no frazzle, no residue, just a clean scent and shine. They have been put through my rigorous testing, and have all passed with ribbons in abundance.

Bed Head masterpiece- This hairspray has great hold, without any crispiness, and adds a lovely shine to the hair. This is great to use all through the day, as refreshment. Not only does it function great as a hairspray; it also smells better than any other hair spray product I’ve used. Id compare the scents to apples and pears, and all things fresh, and fruity. I love the spray on this, its wide reaching and doesn’t direct all the product to one area, avoiding any crusty areas. This isn’t cheap at £11 but its well worth the money and it’s a canny size.

Tresemme volumising Dry Shampoo- This is a more recent addiction, starting around 3 months ago. I have always hated dry shampoos and never understood people’s unrelenting passion for Bastise. I always found that my hair would have an ashy appearance following any dry shampoo application. This product does none of the above. It leaves your hair volumised but not matte, and prevents the dandruff effect most dry shampoos create. It also smells nice, with the typical Tresemme scent. A great dry shampoo for dark haired ladies.

John Frieda Moisture barrier hairspray- This is my fly away zapper. It keeps the baby hairs firmly in place, perfect for up do’s and pony tails. This is not a great everyday hairspray, and I prefer the Bed Head for daily use. I always keep this at hand though; ready to tackle those mammoth bad hair days.

Tresemme 24 hour lotion and mousse- These two products have received plenty of well-deserved recognition lately. I have been using them consistently since their launch, alongside heated rollers. There really are no better volumising products in my humble opinion. Plus their cheap!! Win win.

VO5 Argon oil elixir- Again another product used since its launch, a truly great restorative leave in product. Even though the formula is oil, and I have fine hair, this works great. It never adds build up, just shine and silkiness.

Tresemme Heat restorative mask- This is a weekly essential for me. I mentioned this last year, and am still using it. My hair has never become accustomed to it, and so thankfully the results remain excellent.

Elvive 60 second conditioning treatment- This was inspired by our Cheryl haha! I fell for the advert, and was pleased with the results attained. This works wonders in would you believe it 60 seconds! I love this and as you can see from the images, I have squeezed every last drop from this tube.
A girl needs a good set of hairbrushes! I often lust over Mason and Pearson brushes, but can’t justify the expense. Maybe one day. But for now I am satisfied by my hairbrush trio; I present:

The Kent paddle brush, the GHD large barrel blow dry brush, With it's cross over bristles, this is the ideal blow dry brush for those with easily knotted hair, and the famous tangle teezer. I know that the tangle teaser is something I need come in sickness or health, as I begged for someone to get it for me whilst I was in hospital!


  1. Hairsprays that don't smell bad is so important to me. I always think if they smell it probably means something harmful to the hair is put into the product. I am most curious about Tresemme Heat restorative mask. I have never seen it but am sure to check it out next time to places that sell Tresemme. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ooh i love Tresemme. ill have to try the dry shampoo and hair mask!
    also, i agree with Winnie* i hate hairsprays that smell bad.. on the rare occasion that i use them haha



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