Friday, 10 February 2012

Lets talk skin

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well, and that the New Year is treating you ok. I like most of you I’m sure was glad to see the back of January! I thought that I would resume blogging by discussing the changes that I have implemented within my skin care; both with makeup tips and new products that are….. Dramatically put; life changing.  This is a lengthy post, but what do you expect I have been MIA since October.  Well let’s get cracking there really is no space for a rambling intro girls!

November was the month I discovered a brand, which has revolutionised my skincare routine. Alpha- H is a company which I had heard little of. I always assumed it was one of those extortionately priced niche brands, hard to find and way out of my student budget. However after a trip to the Beauty Bay website I soon realised that I too could experience the magical effects of glycolic acid for a reasonable sum. So I quickly popped the balancing cleanser and liquid gold into my imaginary shopping cart and wheeled it off to checkout before second thoughts took hold. After a couple of uses I began to think that these products would soon become Holy Grail, and would slot firmly into my skincare regiment. Let me tell you, the cleanser is like nothing I’ve ever tried. It’s so moisturising yet balancing at the same time. This will not break you out, and I say that with confidence. It removes eye makeup with the same ease as Liz Earl, without the strong scent or thick consistency. Don’t get me wrong I still recommend the Cleanse and Polish, and use it myself, but this somehow takes its place on a daily basis.  I have also been using my Clarisonic on a much more regular basis, Cannot live without this gadget, pricey yes, worth it absolutely.

Right that’s night times covered, now let’s talk lazy mornings. For this I turn to L’occitane fresh facial water. A good spritz and a wipe is all you need. It smells….. Fresh, and is a lovely mild facial water. If anything the spray will shock you into morning sanity.

Right, now onto treatments and moisturisers. I am someone who is incredibly fickle when it comes to moisturisers. Some I loathe, some make me shiny, and some break me out. I truly believe that moisturisers are the hardest part of skincare, with troublesome side effects if you get it wrong. I have found that recently I have adapted my own strange routine, one in which I am staying mainly spot free, apart from those few days girls, you know what I mean.  Let’s start with Liquid gold. Yes aptly named by Alpha- H this stuff is gold, it’s magical. Brightens, fades acne scars and pigmentation, and gently exfoliates. No need for grainy scrubs anymore. Simply wipe this on your face and neck every other night and your good to go. On these nights I forget moisturiser and let the glycolic acid do its job. You wake up with glowing skin; I don’t even miss my moisturiser. On the other nights I apply either Clarins combination oil, or origins mega mushroom moisturiser. These are both lovely products. They don’t break me out, but I’m not 100% certain that I won’t stray from these. In the morning I apply La Roche Posay Effaclar duo, an imperfection corrector. This stuff is great and works fantastically as a primer.  

Told you this was long!!!

I have been going for a barely there face makeup. I have decided I hate medium to full coverage foundations and prefer to conceal specific areas rather than apply a mask. I want the natural glow of my skin to be apparent, not a matte, cakey clay mask which conceals the good as well as the bad. For this I have been loving Bobbi Brown Skin foundation, and BorjouisHealthy Mix. I would recommend both. They are great on my oilier skin. Long lasting, natural, barely detectable under light, and great for paler skins. I have been using Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer to target any blemishes, again highly recommend these. And her setting powders great too!

For blush I have been worshiping the Daniel Sandlerblushers! These are amazing. You must try them! So natural, long lasting and glowing. I also love the new Benefit Box called Hervana, natural hues of pink and peach create a truly personal blusher. I have been using their What’s Uphighlighter too; this is a really nice product, but massively overpriced. Quite liking Benefit, not loving the discontinuing of Throb thoughL.

And this is the result! here is the smug mug shot! 

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  1. Im so gutted about my daniel sandler water colour blushes. Im pretty sure I got a faulty one as I litterally cant squeeze any product out of the bottle and have to take the whole cap of then it goes everywhere!

    Its nice to see you back :) xx

  2. It should gush out! honestly I have to be careful when tilting the bottle. Definitely return it if possible or email the company directly. Hope you get it sorted! It's good to be back :) x

  3. I ran across your blog somewhere a while back and saw that you were on a hiatus, but followed anyway. It was a pleasant surprise to see you back!! Can't wait to read more (:

    Great post! I love skincare and am always up for trying new things. These are lovely.


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