Friday, 21 September 2012

*John Frieda Moisturising shampoo & conditioner

As so many of us are now, I am currently sporting the Ombre look. I absolutely love this hair style, its practically maintenance free… and I feel really “current” lame as that may sound! Keeping the ends in tiptop condition on the other hand is not such a maintenance free nightly event!

I have really fine hair, and only the ends have any colour on them, the top is au naturel. With such fine hair finding the right conditioner is really bloody hard! Most weigh my hair down, leaving it looking lank, and frankly impossible to style. Fine hair can be a bitch. Sometimes I love the movement it has, and the ease at which it curls etc.… but for the most part it drives me nuts. It gets greasy quickly, tangles like you wouldn’t believe, and is easily damaged.

I have tried the Redken shampoos and conditioners but haven’t managed to find something that works for me; you can imagine my surprise when I found that john Frieda’s sheer blonde range really suited my hair! I have been using both the sheer blonde moisturising shampoo, conditioner and mask, as well as the tone correcting purple shampoo to remove any brassiness from my Ombre ends. I absolutely love this range of products. The moisturising shampoo and conditioner really bring the blonde out of my highlighted ends, as well as adding an incredible shine to my natural mousy roots. People have complemented me on how shiny my hair is!

Here’s a little description of the moisturising range:

The salon inspired formula contains jojoba oil, sunflower and white tea complex to bring out glistening highlights for maximum blonde impact, the moisturising formula creates a mega watt shine without depositing or adding colour. For hair that needs a little extra moisture.

This is 100% accurate! I never like product promises and descriptions… usually they are full of hot air. This on the other hand is not. I can’t believe I am only just discovering this range after so many years! While researching this brand I came across their YouTube channel and have been recreating looks from it for work! Here’s my take on the soft wave tutorial, my favourite look for my Ombre Barnett! Strike a pose! 


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