Tuesday, 25 June 2013

By Terry Foundation- Cover Expert

Hi everyone a beauty review for you this evening!

This is an absolute corker of a product! it's marvellously luminous with not a speck of unflattering shimmer. Its's the ideal foundation for those of us with an oily complexion who long for the unattainable 'glow'.  I would absolutely describe this foundation as the 'fake it' glow from within. Even after a bad night sleep, long day at work and gruelling exercise (waaa) it can still fool the untrained eye in to thinking i'm well rested, and crucially, 'healthy'.

I wholeheartedly recommend this! it leaves no residue or dewiness, the nightmare word for any combination lady. It just gives the skin an amazing luminosity, and to be honest i've no idea how Terry pulled it off... but as ever she did!

It also smells like roses (subtly) which is always a bonus in my eyes!

Insert selfie! Make up worn for 13 hours, amazing staying power!

Pop in and try it the next time your neat a Space NK or treat yourself online now! For reference I wear shade 3 and I am NC20 but I could go a shade darker now i'm tanning for summer.

Enjoy the rest of your weeks! I'll see you at the weekend!


  1. I will def have to try it out!!

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  4. Have never heard of this, nice review! Makes me want to try it! & You are a beauty!

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic

  5. Thank you Aman as are you! xx

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  8. Wow! High praise, I'll have to check it out.
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