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I want Cookies & Cosmetics to be an honest space, where opinions can be voiced and gained. I started this Blog in the hope that my guidance would aid your product satisfaction. On occasion products will be sent to me for review purposes. This will never impact upon my integrity, as I believe that honesty is the best policy. I have no reason to give false opinions; as I receive no financial gains from any PR samples, and am not attached to any of the companies discussed. For the most part all products are purchased by me, for me; and a review, good or bad is an added bonus. If you are ever uncertain as to whether a product is a PR sample, feel free to question it.

That was boring!


Cookies and Cosmetics is a Women’s Lifestyle and beauty Blog covering a wide array of themes, predominantly centring on the Beauty Industry. The Blog began in June 2010, and has gained quick momentum ever since. During this time, C&C has established a loyal following who appreciate topics such as cosmetics, skin care and Jewellery.

If you believe that you have a product or brand that would be appropriate for this Blog; or if you would like to sponsor C&C, feel free to get in touch. I would also like to offer advertisement space for Small businesses, Etsy shops, and of course other Bloggers looking for affordable options. Adverts will be placed in the right sidebar and are available in sizes:

200 x 180 (£10 / $16.50)

200 x 80 (£5.00 / $7.90).

This cost covers one full month. There are Limited spaces available; all ad's will be place on a first come, first served basis.

Any advertising that is irrelevant to my readers will not be permitted. Any revenue generated will be used to improve C&C.

This is a great opportunity for new Bloggers, as advertising on other blogs is a fantastic way to increase your readership.

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